It was good while it lasted

My social media diet has just been blown. I was so good for a week but then there was this problem that required me to put on my numerologist cape and fly into a friend’s comments section on tiktok and then the dust settled….and I had social media crumbs all over me….and I went back for seconds and thirds.

I was allowing myself Instagram because those accounts are connected to income sources and that started growing, too.

My takeaway:

I didn’t miss 99% of Facebook. I do miss the blogging group, though, so I’m going to keep going back in for that. I did not miss Twitter. Not even a little bit. I followed my news sources on YouTube and all was well in the land. I don’t miss the constant stream of covid-related crap, including all the well-meaning censorship and paternal fact-checking on Facebook. Not at all. I don’t miss the left vs right baiting there, and lastly, I spent a whole week not seeing a bunch of masterclass-funnel-crap and white-lady-life-coach-garbage dominate my feed.

I’m glad I at least tried exiting social media, though, especially considering how much anxiety and upset I experienced in the week leading up to my last covid shot and the anxiety afterwards. I’m glad that’s over and I’m not getting them again. The mental load of covid, the pandemic, and the general social and peer pressure of the vaccine push has been much worse for me than actually having covid was.

In other news, I finally figured out how to do reverse short rows in Tunisian crochet. I don’t know why it made sense today and not all the other days I’ve tried, in the ten years I’ve had this pattern book sitting in my iBooks – hahahaha – I may not move as quickly, I guess, but I catch up eventually. I felt like such a crochet goddess. I made my first reel and I actually met other left handed hookers. I’m quite excited about this!

I named the ground hog Clarke Griswold. Did I talk about him, or just the skunk? I didn’t name the skunk and it appears to have moved on after about a week. Clark likes to take a constitutional stroll every morning and evening. We tip our hats to each other, but that’s about it. He’s not much for small talk.

This is Clark Griswold. I’m not supposed to be naming the animals but he just seemed like a Clark.

And that’s that! Everyone let shit unfold and be excellent to each other 💗

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  1. Wow well done for any about of social media fasting! I admit when I’m forced into it (which is rare) I really don’t miss Facebook much at all but unless I’m forced, I can’t bring myself not to check it! So great going!!

  2. Haha, I love that you named the ground hog. It seems a very fitting name. LOL
    Every skunk around here I not so fondly dub “Monsieur Pepe (Le Pew)”.

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