Today’s Numerological Weather: Awkward and strange with intermittent sunshine.

This is my third time trying to post this, lol, third time is the charm, right? 

I know I said I wouldn’t be doing this every day and here I am doing this two days in a row. 

Today is a universal 17/8 day. I know I also said yesterday things would be better and I’m sorry. I channeled a little Pollyanna there. 

This is universal energy so it affects us as a collective. You can still have a great day even if things are strange. 

And they are strange today. 17/8 in a 12/3 vessel wrapped up in a 6 universal year is somewhat somber and serious. There are procedures and channels you know, a place or everything and everything in its place. 

When a number as driven as 8 plays with 3 but the vessels are 17 and 12, there’s a lot of pull on the status quo. 12 is trying to keep everyone tamped down and doesn’t want things to get loud. 17 wants everyone to just get along and “be nice”, so in that regard 12 and 17 get along very well. But their kids! Gah!!! 8 wants to make everyone their bitch and 3 is along for the ride taking everything to its extreme.

You may feel like you’re not reading the room right. Social gatherings are going to feel awkward and disjointed. As I write this, I’m in the diner that one of my SiLs owns, watching this all play out amongst the staff and patrons, many of us regulars. 

Submissive folk are going to feel bitten by the more dominant folk among us today, particularly as the day wears on and things get busy. 

This is the perfect recipe for an explosive outburst within the collective so don’t be shocked if protests or arguments appear as if by magic. Groups can dissolve today so if you’re working on an important project consider solo research. I’d just like to take this moment to remind all of us that we can have anxious and edgy feelings but we don’t get to treat people like shit beneath our shoes when we have those big feelings. 

Choose responding over reacting every time but especially today. 

And remember, as you move forward in life, let shit unfold and be excellent to each other. 

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