Today’s Numerological Weather: Cloudy and puzzled, but with bursts of enlightenment!

 We are in a 19/1 universal day. This is both a malefic and benefic number, and it relates to The Sun in Tarot. 

The sun is our nurturer. Seen as both mother and father depending on the culture, without the sun life would not exist here on earth. Too much sun can cause life to dry up and powder away. Or burn life right out of existence with fire. Prolonged overexposure to the sun can cause cancer. There can be too much of a good thing. 

Esoterically the sun inspires. It is the bright spark of becoming. The primal fire that cleanses and renders purity. The light of the sun is enlightenment. It is inspiration. New ideas are supported today. Flashes of inspiration and “Eureka!” moments are highly likely so if you’ve been in a creative rut today is the day to do that art journaling exercise that you’ve been avoiding. Or go for a walk. But do something to engage your body and your mind will free itself. Can that happen on any day? Absolutely, but on sun-ruled days it’s more likely that you will figure out the tougher problems that you face. 

Where the sun throws its light, no shadow can be cast. Under the bright glare of the sun ALL is illuminated. If you’ve been confused or otherwise in need of enlightenment, today’s global influence has you covered. You’ll be shown what you need to know about a thing today. 

Untoward activities get bathed in the glaring bright light of TRUTH today. Now this is a global influence, not a personal one. How it plays out for the individual will depend on their unique personal days, months, and hours. So relax, your pile of unpaid parking tickets probably won’t rear their heads today. Global influences tend to affect individuals that influence large amounts of people: politicians, celebrities, Internet personalities. Would 50,000 people go and buy a thing because you got on Instagram and told them to? No? The don’t worry. You’re fine. Sit back and make popcorn. 

Success is supported today as well. So if you’re trying to get a program funded, raising money for a charity, or doing something that benefits others, that thing may get a big boost today. 

Issues around animals or children are likely to be in the spotlight on a sun charged day. Good or bad, it matters not. The sun lights up everything for all to see. 

TRANSPARENCY is another keyword for 19/1. Anything that’s been happening in the background under cover is to be made clear. Secrets will be exposed and in a 12 universal month during a 6 universal year, boy howdy are there secrets. I feel like today is going to be the day that we get handed a zinger regarding the upcoming shit show on June 9th. I can always be wrong and your mileage may vary, but pay attention to the news today, folks. 

Remember folks to let shit unfold and be excellent to each other, and always apply sunscreen!! 

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