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It occurred to me that I should write a blog post about this shortly after my company had left. I had done a little Tarot dowsing for a friend today. The coffee was freshly pressed and I had a lovely dark chocolate zucchini cake that I made last night, to ply her with. You should all be so lucky to know a kitchen witch.

I won’t discuss what I dowsed for her, but I will share what I dowsed for me, so you can see what I’m talking about. Dowsing is asking a question with a yes/no answer. There are many methods of dowsing, the most popular way right now is with a pendulum. There are also the water dowsers who use branches and look for underground wells. I have always used my cards to do this.

So the question I asked was, “Would it be a good idea for me to join forces with (my friend I had coffee with), if she does (the thing we were talking about)? We don’t need to blog the specifics because this is a small town we live in and what we discussed is not a thing. It was an idea at the kitchen table based on some things happening with someone else.

So the bottom row is the dowsing. It’s not necessary to read the top row if you just want a quick answer, but I laid the piles out so that they could be read because it’s my day off and I’m feeling fancy. I also pulled out my nice reading cloth, which is actually a big prismatic flower that I crocheted a few years ago.

The supervising wizard first needs to nap on the reading cloth before a reading can be conducted.

When I first learned this method, it was just to cut the deck in three piles and then deal out thirteen cards or an Ace, one from each each pile, whichever came first. Three Aces was yes, two Aces plus another card was “Yes, but…” and one Ace plus two other cards was “You’re stretching…” and no Aces was a solid NO.

I added the other two cards (Magician and High Priestess) when I got my New Orleans Voodoo Tarot Deck in 1993. I did so because when I dowsed, Marie Laveau and Dr. John started coming up with the Aces. I record all my readings so I can do follow up. I started to notice in my follow up that when they came up it was a YES. When I started dowsing with other decks again, the same thing would happen so I just kept it.

How to dowse with Tarot cards – how I do it, anyway:                                                                    

1.Clear your deck if it needs to be cleared. Do it however you do it.

2.Shuffle however you shuffle.

3.Ask your question however it is that you ask questions of your deck.

4.When you’re ready to stop shuffling, stop. Put your deck down. I cut it into three piles, going to the left. I’ve read books that say to use your left hand. I use my left hand because I’m left-handed. Use whatever hand you want to.

5.Pick up the first pile. Dealing from the top, start dealing out thirteen cards. If you get an Ace, Magician, or High Priestess before you reach thirteen cards, STOP RIGHT THERE. Set the pile of cards that you dealt from aside, or if you like, turn them bottom up like I did and place them above the cards you dealt.

6.Repeat this with the other two piles of cards.

7.Read your answer.

Remember, you are looking for Aces, The Magician, or The High Priestess.

Any combination of those cards is YES.

Two of those cards with any other cards is a YES, but….

Only one of those cards with two cards from the rest of the deck is “Oh buddy, you’re really reaching today, aren’t you?”

None of those cards showing is NO.

So all three Aces would be YES. One Ace plus the above two majors would be YES. Two Aces with one of the above two majors is YES.

So I had two Aces + 4 of Wands. That’s a “YES, but…” Now the 4 of Wands is a great card so how could it be a “…..but….” Everyone will interpret this differently but when I look at that the first thing that came to me was “no time at home” If that’s the only downside, I’m ok with that, honestly. It could also be an indication of delayed gratification/money with the 9 of Cups above it. In all honesty, my gratification has been nothing BUT delayed since the lockdowns started in March 2020 and Pluto started squaring off with my MC a year later, so my response to more delays? “Meh, must be Monday”

You don’t have to keep the piles that you deal from, but I usually do. They were the 9 of Cups, the Ace of Wands, and Temperance. Knowing my question I like those cards. They support what I dealt.

UPDATE:  The friend and I have successfully collaborated on other projects and although the cards were a go, the person that we were waiting on an answer from decided that she would move her business into her home (there is that 4 of Wands).  The thing I was asking about was whether or not I should go all in with my friend to take over a witch shop that was closing in the area. Although the cards were a go for US, I asked the wrong question. I should have asked about our third person, who changed her mind at the last minute.


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