The Numerology of 2023


First, let’s look at the Tarot:

Judgement and The High Priestess set the tone for the first century of the 2000s.

Why is that? Because it’s the 2000s. 2+0+0+0=2, folks  It’s the High Priestess with a whole lot of 0s, which equal a craptonne of upheaval. 

But we see and say our calendar years a little differently now that we’re past the first decade of this century. We say “twenty-fifteen, twenty-twenty, etc” so we have stopped invoking the power of the 2 vibration and we are calling in the power of the 20 vibration. The High Priestess, she’s still there, in the background, but we don’t call on her. We call on Judgement. FUN!!!

The energy of Judgement will be with us until 2100. My big regret is that I won’t live to see the century when we shift into 21/The World. For now, we walk on the shifting sands of the 2 vibration: 20/2, Judgement reducing to the High Priestess. The changeover from masculine to feminine will continue. Identities will continue to shift as a result of this energy so for those wondering when all this “pronoun foolishness” will end – buckle up buttercup. It’s only getting started.

The 1900s were dominated by The Sun and it was through this strong, illuminating energy that we took huge leaps forward technologically and socially. The Sun shows all there is to all who are present to see it. Our eyes were opened and our brains were filled.

The 2000s are currently dominated by Judgement and The High Priestess. Where The Sun flings the doors wide open, Judgement snaps them shut and begins the process of radically transforming and shifting beliefs. The High Priestess gatekeeps the information, handing it over to those she deems worthy. The 2 pattern can be very controlling and very much the helicopter mother that tries to keep anything she deems scary away from her children. So for those of you scratching your heads and wondering why this younger generation has access to all the knowing but yet wants to ban books and cancel opinions for being “problematic”, remember that radical transformation (20) and feelings-based discrimination (2) are the two dominant energies at play during this century.

The extremes in belief won’t stop right away but they will change shape. The pendulum always swings in the complete opposite direction before it can settle into a new balance, most likely by 2040 when most of us Gen Xers will be comparing tattoos in the nursing home. Remember, the root of all this is the 2 energy pattern. This particular number pattern is gestational energy. It operates behind closed doors and what you see publicly isn’t always the whole truth.

But let’s look at 2023 more specifically:

Judgement + The King of Wands

We are going to collectively experience an upgrade this year. Is that what kids are calling it these days? There will be greater acceptance of the beliefs that have been shifting for the past 20 odd years. In the process of doing so, we will collectively release or retire identities that relate strongly to being individuals and we will begin to think more of ourselves as parts of a whole. We are disengaging from self-centredness.

For those of us raised as rugged individuals this is going to be a frightening thought, especially here in North America where we have made the pursuit of individual desires central to the culture.

Before I proceed further, I’m not saying we all become communist and our guns get take away. So if you’re one of those folks who sees everything that’s happening as “OMG COMMUNISM”, calm your nips. No one is coming to take your guns or your mortgage. Chill. What I’m saying is that there is no room in 2023 for selfish acts. We need to care for our neighbors as we would ourselves.

Numerologically the 20/2 vibration at its best highlights receptivity and diplomacy. There is a stronger drive to cooperate. It is a peacemaking vibration. The focus shifts away from the material to the intellectual and spiritual. These are the qualities emphasized and energized by the 23/5 vibration.

The 23/5 number pattern is considered an extremely fortunate number. While it reduces to 5 and therefore emphasizes freedom, it’s is The Royal Star of The Lion and it symbolizes kings. The freedom this vibration supports is constructive freedom, the sort that is mediated through responsibility. This is not a free for all energy because rulers and protectors aren’t free in that way. The 23 vibration takes care of others. It protects. Combined with the 20, it actually supports letting go of independence for the good of all concerned.

And before you get nit picky, no, I do not mean that your freedoms will be rolled back. Sit down Helen. Smooth out your pants and breathe.

A lot of scattered energy is going to be corralled in this year. From 2020  through to the end of 2022 we learned to live with disruptions, higher prices, and less of the nice things we were used to. In 2023 we won’t be as concerned about the same things. Our focus is shifting to taking charge of the resources we do have and living well. Embracing, unifying, and uplifting community will be more important than the pursuit of self-centered things. We are seeing the world beyond our noses.

Will some things suck? Yes. There’s always going to be occasional ventures through the shitty midshitlands, but 2023 and 2024 are going to be years where we can catch our breath a bit. Do the things. Clear up loose ends. Finish that online course you bought an embarrassingly long time ago. Keep growing green beans in yogurt containers. Learn to knit socks and hem tears. Things will pick up again in 2025 but that’s a while away yet. Do I see anything specifically stressful? Yes, yes I do. The baby formula shortages are a taste. Currently my Canadian family can’t find children’s cough and cold medicine. I’ve suddenly been gifted with natural medicines not 24 hours after I opened my mouth and told my wife that we need to learn to heal ourselves. Pharmaceuticals are going to continue to be in short supply. The numbers and planets are a reflection of this. I’ve got allergy and exercise-triggered asthma so I’m planning accordingly. Get to know your neighbors and be prepared to help or be helped.

The presence of 23 with 20 also indicates that the strength of rulers will be tested. That means kings, elected officials, and even the dictators. The 23/5 pattern is diplomatic but it can also be very calculating. The 5 pattern rules Mercury and Mercury = mercurial. This aspect gets a boost from Judgement. A leader is going down in a very big way this year. I’ll let you figure out who, although it should be obvious if you’ve been watching the news. Most recently they experienced the peak point of their personal year on a 43/7 personal day. This compound number relates to 16/The Tower. Where 43 shows up, tread carefully because it is a number of revolution and making new enemies.

Everything reduces to 7

The 7 energy pattern relates to Ketu in numerology. This number pattern is absolutely not attached to material desires. Interestingly enough, if you look at the charts of some of the wealthiest tech innovators, they have strong 7 placements and yet they don’t actually give two shits about their wealth beyond its ability to fund their projects. With 7/Ketu, the grounding is there but the consciousness, the mind – it wanders. Powers of discrimination are tested and this will be a background theme for many people this year because 7/Ketu very much supports the pursuit of wisdom and psychic development. It is a very mystical and scientific number all at once. The Western mind has difficulty reconciling science and spirit but during the 2000s that rift will be mended as science further explores quantum studies and continues to prove the holy people of ancient times correct.

In a complete opposition to 2022, there will be less interest in money and material things, as well as great disinterest in the psychodrama of life. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be social media drama or things that will try to get our panties in a bunch, but we aren’t going to be as interested in giving those things our energy. In fact, one of the things I see in the numerology for 2023 is a big shift in how we use social media. Some of the big platforms will be changing so if your income is dependent on one or two big providers, here’s your sign to start spreading your eggs around.

People are going to be really interested in what they consider to be “true knowledge” this year. That’s going to look different to everyone. 7/Ketu is disruptive energy so it will bring you your truth if you call it in, but don’t be surprised if that truth keeps you up at night.

In general folks are going to feel more irritable this year. This is a background vibration that is not interested in pleasantries, social convention, or performative anything. If you’re one of the gang of virtue signalers that looks for people to jump on, to prove how you are so much better-minded, be ready for pushback. In 2022 most people tried to get along and be understanding. This year their patience for superficial point-collecting is stretched.

Spirit activity will appear to take a bump up. That’s not actually the case, the spirits are spiriting as they always have, but our perception of them will be greater because this is supported by the background energy of 7/Ketu. Just remember, you have always shared your space with other beings. Not every spirit needs to be driven out just because you now know they’re there. It’s also a good year to get taken in by spirits if you’re new to this and most of us in the Western world are very wet behind the ears. So while I don’t agree with booting spirits out wherever you find them, I also think taking their advice when you’re not experienced in the game is a stupid thing to do – *stares openly at Witchtok*. Use critical thinking if you’re going to explore the darker corners of the occult and call your local ghost hunter.

Obscure things will most likely become fashionable and even mainstream in 2023. This is in direct contrast to last year, where things were very conventional. The unconventional will be supported this year.

Now the 7 pattern also rules science and tech, not just mystical woo. As we wrap up the 2022 year, AI is having its “Video killed the radio star” moment. Love it or hate it, AI art programs are here to stay. Tech developments are going to be a big deal this year. I mentioned a few paragraphs back that social media platforms will feature in 2023. The numerology charts for the two big giants, Twitter and Facebook/Meta are in for some big shifts this year:

Facebook has two birth dates, the second being the day it was first publicly traded. I use this one in my calculations. This gives Facebook a 19/1 karmic life path. This is both a benefic and malefic number. On the one hand 19/1 promises great fortune and glory but then takes it away just as quickly by illuminating all your faults, dark corners, and transgressions. This is, of course, The Sun in Tarot. Nothing is hidden under the light of The Sun.

Facebook is having a karmic 26/8 personal year in 2023. When 26/8 is strong in the transit chart things gone hone to roost. Now if you’ve made good choices then it’ll be a time to profit from the results. If you’ve made some less than spectacular choices then you will start reaping what you’ve sown as well. Your community persona and activities come up for examination as well. So watch Facebook because it’s going to change rapidly this year.

Twitter’s birth date is generally accepted as the day it’s founder made the first tweet. This gives it a 32/5 life path. This particular 5 pattern is associated with victory and the 6 of Wands. It’s also very much conserved with the rapid exchange of information, socializing and building interconnectedness, and inquisitiveness. Anywhere that 5 shows up, expect lots of questions, news, and nosiness. Very fitting.

Twitter is wrapping up a highly charged 38/11 personal year. This personal year ends on the 21st of March in 2023. At about the 21st of this month Twitter will experience its last action point in that personal year. The personal day for Twitter on the solstice is 71/8, a day of reaping either recognition for work done or a missed opportunity that ain’t coming back.

The 2023 personal year for Twitter is 39/3. This number has a hidden 12 in it: 3+9=12 then 1+2=3. So although we look at it as 39/3 the element of sacrifice is there. On the upside there is the possibility of partnerships and new groundbreaking directions. On the downside a negative 39/3 personal year brings fraud and deceit. Either way, that hidden 12 promises delays, disruption, and sacrifice. 

So those are my thoughts on 2023. Remember, this is a look at the universal numbers. It’s what will be running in the background. Your own personal numbers may not reflect this at all. Above all, never forget that you have free will and forewarned is forearmed. If you don’t like something in your reading, then make new decisions!

Happy New Year!







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