January is an 8 month!

November was a 17/8 month but these are two different 8s. January’s 8 is considered to be a “pure number” in numerology because there is no compound before it. It’s just 8, plain and simple. During a pure 8 month power structures, boundaries, and ambition are highlighted.

Now an 8 month within a 7 year shifts a wee bit. The 7 pattern likes to reach into the void, seeking answers, and riles things up. People might find themselves dealing with professional issues. Putting out fires at work could make things busy at the office.
Relationships could be touchy this month as well. I’ve always maintained that a strong relationship is not going to get taken down by one aspect. BUT I would implore people to be a little nicer to their significant other because 7/8 together produces some weird energy. It’s not them, I promise.
Overspending is likely during this aspect. The mystical and dreamy aspect of the 7 year can make for an expensive month when that month energy is attracted to power. Don’t go broke on a dozen online courses designed to girlboss you into the poor house.
On the positive side, the numerology supports getting work done, especially tasks that have been put on the back burner due to the holidays in December. The numerology also supports being underwhelmed with the results but you know – sometimes you’ve got to learn to be ok with a C+. As long as you got the couch assembled with no leftover parts, call it a victory no matter how long it took.
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All 1s:
This is a tense month for you. The pure 8 vibration for es you to stop and examine things. The 1 pattern in all its emanations like to keep plowing forward. Being forced to come to a standstill sits on 1’s last nerve. The tension created by this aspect during a 7 year can create issues with superiors and larger institutions that hold any kind of sway in 1’s life.
The 1 pattern is brimming with self-confidence and bravado. Where 8 sweeps in during a 7 year, it will inhibit this. This can create confusion for the 1, particularly if they needed to make an important decision. On its own the 8 vibration brings a reality check. This can cause folks with strong 1 placements to respond with their ego.
WORK – now here is where the 1&8 shine together. Both of these numbers patterns are materialistic and success vibrations. There may be conflict with supervisors and managers but the conditions for a promotion or recognition exist as well. Growth and advance don’t typically happen when you’re comfy.
FRIENDS & FAMILY – 1&8 are good for financial gain, even during a 7 year. If you’re in a family business, that’s great! If you’re thinking about creating a business at home that everyone – friends or family – can be involved in, now is a good time to get started. The aspect between the 1 & 8 is conducive to getting things done. That’s what tension does – it creates action. If you keep trying to do the same old arse in front of the television, shake-n-bake on Wednesday this month, that dynamic tension has nowhere to go. What happens to energy that isn’t reined in and used? It manifests in crappy ways, like old hurts cycling back to be snarked about again and again. You can talk and have family meetings about these things til the cows come home but nothing fixes old bullshit quite like creating new patterns and action plans. This paves the way for entirely new bullshit but we can talk about that another day.
IN MATTERS OF THE LAW: This is a good aspect. During an 8/1 temporary vibration paperwork gets pushed through, court cases are setttled, and permits are issued. You’ve got an opportunity to stick it to your haters using proper channels. Opportunities to wrap up issues will present themselves and even though things probably won’t unfold how you hoped they would (Oh thank you 7 in the background) if you’re given a horse, don’t start fixating on its teeth.

ALL 2s:
You’re worried this month, but that’s nothing new. You’re always worried about something. The 8 vibration with 7 in the background creates a sense of isolation. The 2 pattern likes to be connected to everyone all the time. They don’t like to be alone and they certainly don’t enjoy the feeling of separation of distance.
This is a good aspect if you are willing to carve out alone time and just be. Take this opportunity to reconnect to your spiritual or religious practice. If you don’t have any such practice in your life, take this opportunity to start exploring.
When 2 and 8 play together the energy is also conducive to sizing up ones stuff with a cold and calculating eye and getting rid of things. It’s time to put the Christmas presents away and figure out what needs to go so that these new items can take their place on the shelves. It’s also a good month for self-directed creative projects so if you’ve been dogging yourself on writing that novel or painting that landscape, this is a really good time to do that.
FRIENDS & FAMILY: You may find that your people – the big ones, AND the little ones, are all grating on your last nerve. This is the crux for you because you hate to be alone but you’re about to start telling people what you really think. Resist the urge to be critical or petty. Also, resist the urge to dive in and fix things for people. Being the smother mother may well just make things worse. Let people do their own thing and fix their own skinned knees this month.
TRAVEL: When 2&8 aspect each other it’s a good time to travel, especially for the purposes of working. Trade shows and other events could prove to be quite fruitful, yielding great results down the road. This is especially true if both the 2 and 8 patterns are both present in your core chart.

ALL 3s:
You’re being handed a golden ticket to examine your ambitions and plans for the future. Fun fact, it won’t feel like that in the moment. It’ll feel like all your fun is being stopped in its tracks. So people may cancel out on you, job offers may be rescinded, and bank loans might get bogged down in paperwork.
The 8 vibration will put the clampers on everything and ask, “Is this what you really want?“ The 7 vibration running in the background is going to make you more aware of other options. This can be overwhelming, especially if decisions need to be made quickly.
The energy this month also supports restlessness and impatience. You’re going to have to jump through some extra hoops to accomplish things this month. This is especially true if:
1. You’ve been half-arsing something and trying to cut corners.
2. You’ve been trying to stand on someone else’s shoulders, using their work to get noticed.
3. You’ve been doing things that other people want you to do.
4. You’re not 100% certain that you want the results. For reasons unknown to those of us in the stands watching your story, you may not want the completion or success of a thing.
The 8 vibration will also call you out if you’re engaging in fantasy and woo woo. During this month, if what you are doing doesn’t produce a measurable, sustainable, practical result then it might not happen at all.
WORK: There could be changes to your overall daily processes at work, but also to your career path. The 8 is about cold revisions and harsh decisions. You might find yourself having some hard 3 AM talks with your cat about whether or not the life of a tax attorney is for you.
HOME: If there are issues at home, this will be put up or shut up month. If something isn’t working, it needs to go. Healthy relationships need actionable solutions to problems per the people involved. Just because taking away privileges worked on you at 13, doesn’t mean that it’ll work on your kids. You need to ditch the shit that isn’t working and move forward.

ALL 4s:
You’ll get an opportunity to reinvent yourself. The 8 vibration is going to provide you with situations that illustrate the limitations within your existence. From there you’ll hopefully start to take action to build the life you want.
Think of this is an opportunity to change how you relate to the world. You want to be your eccentric, stubborn self, and live how you want to live. You need to be cognizant of the fact that you live in this world with others and your actions have real world consequences.
You’ll be learning to compromise this month. I know, here’s a cookie. In spite of what the White Lady Life Coaches on social media tell us, you can’t always have it your way. So if you’re a starving artist, that’s been relying on your significant other to pay the bills, you may just find yourself putting on a Walmart vest before this month is over. If you are the pampered adult child living with mom and dad, you might be getting forcibly invited to move out because your parents would like to be retired and having sex in the living room at 10am. No one is trying to stop on you. We need you to understand what you do needs to also benefit those around you. It’s not all about you and your vision, and the universal eight month vibration is here to remind you of this.
IN GENERAL: Be on guard and take care. Accidents and/or illness are supported right now. Watch your attitude at work. You don’t have to like how things are but you need to take care how you express yourself. If work is an area of life where people have had it “up to here“ with you, then you could find yourself looking for a new job.
SCHOOL: You might find yourself challenged by a new subject or instructor. Lean into it and let your brain light up like a Christmas tree with brand new information. If you aren’t in school, then apply this to the learning experiences you’ll undoubtedly have this month.

All 5s:
The 8 vibration is going to highlight your need for structure while you’re out there in the great wide world, kicking ass and taking names. This month your thought processes will be highlighted, especially the ones that need to go.
Situations that cause misunderstandings are supported this month. This will keep occurring until you become really clear and direct in your verbalization of the thoughts in your head. You might be tongue-tied and unable to find the right words. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling like a six-year-old, trying to explain yourself to the principal.
You may find yourself clamming up – not your usual behavior. It’s unlike you to shy away from a debate, or even an argument. Some might think your silence is an indication of your wrongness and their rightness. Let them.
The thing about sitting quietly is that you can pay attention to what is going on and listen – REALLY LISTEN.
This sitting quietly might engender some deep thoughts, you know. They’re not bad to have now and then. A little trip with then might do you some good. Get those scattered thoughts in order.
The energy supports your ideas being challenged and you are used to being seen, noticed, and liked. This feeling like your neck is on the block is new for you. The energy supports having to prove yourself. Sorry! But it’s not really an unreasonable request.
This 8/5 aspect within a 7 year will challenge you to be aware of the world around you in relation to your thoughts, and how you communicate. You’re going to find yourself in situations where your precision in language – no embellishments or tall tales, please – will be called out until you find a new way to express yourself.
1. New mental habits
2. Mastering a learning curve
3. Planning and organization
4. Developing listening skills
1. Self doubt and negative thinking
2. Depression
3. Narrow mindedness and nitpicking when you feel backed into a corner
Repeat after me: Nobody hates me, but they don’t understand me and aren’t sure that I’m listening.

ALL 6s:
This month that good old 8 vibration is going to cock block you, make you feel bad, and cut into your shopping. It’ll steal your chocolate and make you return all those shoes you just bought.
Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration.
You will be more aware of your financial limits this month, not gonna lie. Situations may see you tightening your belt, acknowledging where the cuts need to be made. If you have strong 6 energy in your chart, then money, and your ability to spend – especially on others – it is a big part of what makes you feel safe in the universe.
Financial difficulties, even temporary ones, can put the clampers on your happy factory. Before you wallow in despair, remember:
1. Your partner still finds you attractive.
2. When people are testy jerks, it’s not you it’s them
3. This will pass
When 8 aspects 6, there is sometimes the desire to look elsewhere when things start feeling unfun. don’t. This is a karmic vibration. Unless you have some prior arrangement, stepping out on your person or flirting at the office will not be helpful. It’s connection that you’re not feeling and you don’t need money, goodies, or sex to ground yourself.
This month the 8 vibration is going to force you to think about what you really need in your personal relationships. The universal 7 year working in the background might make you feel confused about what your needs actually are. You need to not chase fantasies this month.
1. Recommitting to a relationship.
2. Rediscovering, creative outlets you’d put down
3. Consolidating debt
4. Getting out to expand your friendship circle because one person does not meet all your needs in the real world

ALL 7s:
When 8 hangs out in your space, it first makes your dreams and fantasies look shinier than ever.
That is the fantasy aspect of the 7 universal year lulling you into a false feeling of security, and then BAM! Out marches 8 in the form of your significant other, coworker, or friend, saying “… What? You’re going to sell your townhouse, quit the firm, and sell vintage barrettes online. From your yurt in the Peruvian forest. What the hell is wrong with you?“
It’s a confusing month because normally everyone just accepts you with all your….ummm…..quirks.
Everyone needs to be brought into balance this month and that’s what 8 does. Traditionally, this is the Justice card, which Crowley renamed “Adjustment“ I think this is a better fit. For you, too much time spent in your head gives you an unrealistic worldview.
The tension this month can make you confront things that you compartmentalized so long ago that you forgotten. Illusions get ripped away and you’re forced to deal with your feelings. That could look like the bully from grade 8 looking you up and wanting to visit because they remember things differently. Whatever the situation is, you’ll know it when it presents itself and it will keep repeating and manifesting until you deal with it.
1. Analysis of beliefs
2. Bringing form to creative ideas
3. Finishing all your half done crafts
4. Decalcifying your showerhead
5. Throwing out the Twinings Tea that’s been in the cupboard since 1987

ALL 8s:
Oh, goody you! You get a dose of your own hoohaw this month. Grab the lube and strap in.
If you have been overextending yourself and moving too quickly in your quest, for world domination, and prepare for a little whiplash as your gears grind.
Practical things, little things, things you tend to overlook, because you know “it’ll take care of itself“ when oddly enough, nothing actually takes care of itself. It just sits there festering until you can’t delegate it away. These things will pop up like little dandelions waving hello.
Situations that occur this month will make you more aware of where your responsibilities truly lie. The universal 8 will make you see where you’ve been wasting your time and where your focus needs to shift. Whatever you do, don’t swing into overdrive and pull a three-nighter to get all the things done.
Anything that you managed well last year and anything that is feeding you – put your focus there. There’s an expression that I hate – “Go back to basics.” It grinds in my brain and maybe you don’t like it either – but it’s appropriate this month.
If everything is busy and overwhelming, if you are successful, but drowning – stop and think about what it was that started you on this path. Go back to that. Collapse the structures that don’t serve you. Go back to what it was that made your soul sing.
1. Changing residence. The numerology supports a change of environment. This doesn’t mean that a move is imminent but if you want to do that, you will find opportunities become suddenly available
2. Reevaluating relationships. If something can’t shift, it may be time to pull back and go your own way
1. Promotion or change of role
2. Complete change over in how you do business, if self-employed. That could look like hiring a virtual assistant, investing in SMS marketing, or redesigning a website.
3. The numerology supports embracing new software or equipment.

ALL 9s:
Things are frustrating this month. Your deepest desires are front and center in your mind. If you’re not on the path to achieving these things, then this is a time to put plans in motion. During an 8 month you’ll have the stamina to and focus to make things start happening.
This is not a time to just go along to get along. Take the bull by the horns and assume command or things may be decided for you. Frustrations could lead to acts of blatant stupidity. Let’s not have that. Slow and steady wins the race this month.
You’re a great general but channel that fighting spirit into your work. The dance of energy between the 8 month and the 7 year lends itself to political machinations that call for less bluntness than you can muster at the present time. You’re better off keeping your nose out of other people’s things and just doing your job.

ALL 11s:
This is a month to laser in on one rusty thing in your life and polish the hell out of it. Maybe it’s your job, your marriage, that filing cabinet you mean to organize – we don’t know, but you do. That thing you keep meaning to get to? Get to it.
The 8 vibration in aspect to 11 shows us where our limitations and boundaries are. It shows us what we fear to lose. Situations that push your buttons in relation to scarcity, chaos, or loss are supported this month. The trick is not to fall over yourself trying to maintain control.
Remodeling your body, your home, your beliefs – all of these things are supported this month. Hiding in a hole or closing your eyes won’t stop things from unfolding. Things will be on repeat until you deal with them.

ALL 22s:
This month energy can cause much frustration and impatience because your ability to make things happen is super charged. You can do some pretty amazing things this month. Remember to pace yourself. Just because this is a banner time for you doesn’t mean that everything happens this month.
Things can be started right now as well. This can be a planning month where well considered changes can be implemented. Patience! Great foundations are not laid quickly.
Long term projects start to take shape at this time. If you’ve been laboring away on something it starts to take shape now. You can see light at the end of the tunnel.

ALL 33s:
This is a confusing month for you. If it feels like things are happening at once, it’s because they are. Things are showing up for you now. You’re getting your wish.
When good things happen, it frightens us sometimes, especially if the good thing is unfamiliar. It’s not what we know and like panicked horses we run right back into the burning barn.
Whenever you feel the urge to hide in your blanket fort, just stop and breathe. Sometimes when things happen for us and we don’t recognize that thing for what it is, we instinctively push it away.
It’s hard to fight against conditioning, so my suggestion is that when you start to feel ungrounded and overwhelmed, keep a blunt friend on speed dial. We all know that one person who may be a tad abrasive but their head is never in the clouds. Listen to that person when you feel untethered.
If you’ve been ignoring your responsibilities then what shows up might not be so shit hot. The 8 vibration is karmic and brings forth the results of your past decisions. Remember this if this January you find yourself using the mall Wi-Fi to finish your term paper or you’re sitting at the table enjoying dry ramen by candlelight.

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