March Life Path Numeroscopes 


ALL 1s 

Things get exciting this month! The aspect between 10 and 1 is really 1 and 1 because 10s are just 1s with a purse. This is a very discordant aspect, but remember, nothing great happens when everyone gets along. If you channel this negatively, then your own needs are going to be overemphasized this month. Nobody likes a selfish snotball. 

But the other thing that this month brings for you is more freedom of expression. Channeled in a positive way, the 1/1 aspect brings less inhibitions. There’s more willingness this month to explore ways in which you have changed and ways in which you can continue to change. 

Opening yourself to new things is not always fun, especially if you’ve been in a rut. Unexpected events and plot twists this month that force you out of comfortable but uninspiring routines or that challenge your opinions can be upsetting, leaving you feeling timid and out of sorts.This is not you, but within a 7 year you may find that you’re feeling unsure more than normal. This month the energy brings a little more of that. 

 You’ll get over it, find your voice, and thrive. You always do.  

ALL 2s 

You may feel bossed around or like your chain is being yanked this month. It’s normally within your nature to keep everyone happy. This year in general you may find yourself analyzing things more than they need to be. This month, don’t bother looking too deeply. If people aren’t going to play nice, don’t force them. Leave them to rot in their own pissed off little world and get yourself a nice cup of tea. Put your feet up, sip slowly, enjoy. 

This month the numerology supports gaining greater insight into the deeper workings of your life through an experience that feels trivial or silly at first. It provides the catalyst for things to snowball. You may find yourself speaking out and being a little more bitey as a result. Good! We love this for you. 

This month, the aspect also supports getting involved in things that YOU feel passionately about. Shock the hell out of everyone and instead of keeping the peace, spend time and money on YOU. Do something frivolous that you would never ordinarily do. Where people can see. Enjoy the attention. 

ALL 3s 

This is a pretty comfy month for you. That’s not a bad thing, now and then we need a month where things are just…nice. Friendly. Nothing we can’t handle. This is your bubble bath month. 

You’ll be making small changes to your vision board all this year and this month things start to emerge. Whatever ball you started rolling earlier this year  continues to gather force. Whether it’s a small exchange or a big event, happy things happen. Things don’t have to be Powerball big to have a big effect on your future, although I don’t personally know anyone who ever said no to the lottery. 

The thing is, when we experience happy little things we are more likely to seek out greater and greater positive experiences. There’s no such thing as coincidence or luck. So no matter what, continue to seek out the positive and keep pushing forward. 

ALL 4s 

You might find people are more willing to listen to your edicts this month. Your quest to bring order to chaos and eventually take over the world will be just a little bit easier in March. 

You love to turn things on their ear, push your boundaries, and extend your resources. Normally the world leaves you feeling more than a little frustrated because you need to actually work within systems to change them. This month, progressive, new things catch your eye, and you find yourself hesitantly looking their way. 

Remember that although 10s can be hesitations, they are really just 1s wearing moustaches and trenchcoats. If a new piece of tech is made known to you or you find a new way of doing or being – grab it. Once you get past the learning curve you’ll find out down the road that this new whateveritis makes life much better. 

ALL 5s 

You may find yourself being pulled in different directions this month. Your ability to move in a new direction and succeed is supported by the numbers but so is your penchant for continually changing your mind and Kermit flailing in a hundred different directions. 

*Checks last month’s numbers vis à vis this month’s numbers*


*Feels called out by my own calculations*

Moving right along! This month all you 5s will be a few mental steps ahead as you take new ideas and run with them. The great part of this is that if you want to dive right in, the energy supports this. Just remember to keep that same enthusiasm when the rest of you catches up and you find your inner critic making you feel bad for loving the magic beans. 

Keep the beans, ditch the critic. 

ALL 6s 

You’re feeling less conventional this month and we love this for you! Your desires are changing and what feels unexpected is just what was un acknowledged. You can’t pull something out of nothing. That’s not how matter works. So when you suddenly feel different about something or someone this month, just understand that it’s not really sudden. 

You’ve been quietly examining your life this year so now that we are in the first universal action point of the calendar, that energy is going to make for some surprising aspects. Your personal relationships will get a breath of fresh air if you listen to that spontaneous little voice and veer off the trodden path. 

For the makers among you, this can be a time of great insights and inspiration. You may find that your painterly or musical style is shifting, or your written voice has changed. Go with it! Don’t dropkick it back into the realm of ordinary – set it free and share it with everyone! 

ALL 7s 

The need to produce and show up consistently is going to conflict with your desire to break away and seek more temporal fulfillment. You’re feeling very introspective this month. 

The thing is, you still need to do those boring plebeian tasks in order to pay the bills. Sigh. I know, right? Very few people actually get paid to be coffee-shop philosophers. 

My suggestion is to let your unique slant on things enhance the way you go about performing your mundane tasks. Oftentimes we just need to make some small changes to our physical reality to start bringing it into alignment with our inner selves. This month the numbers support you putting some of your routine out to pasture. If you think about it, you already know what needs to go. Why wait for the lightning to strike? Just drop it and go. 

ALL 8s 

Keep the momentum going this month. Things should settle out in a way that, while still busy, will allow you to get used to a new routine. New rhythms will start to become invisible as you adjust to everything you’ve set into motion. 

If you come to a place where you’re looking at holding onto the past and being responsible and practical vs innovating and doing something different – go do the different thing. Hanging on to something that either never worked or was a good idea at the time but isn’t now, just serves to make you resentful and bitchy. We do not love this for you. 

This month the universal energy supports material achievement for all the 8s, so keep moving forward. If others grumble, let them. You can’t make everyone happy all the time. People pleasing is not a good look. Besides, you’re the master of systems and once they understand what you’re doing, they’ll get over themselves. 

ALL 9s 

The time has come to put down some limiting situationships. If these are relationships that need to go, end them as gently as you can, but ultimately, if something is done, it’s done. This doesn’t have to be a close friendship or romantic relationship. This could be a particular relationship with food, a clothing style, or it could be the amount of energy you give to a certain coworker or neighbour. 

Sticking to really structured plans will be difficult this month. Some things you’re just going to have to be content with sliding in the door sideways if you still want to make it to a certain event, or pull off a specific goal. You may also find yourself cooling your heels and exercising a lot of patience if these things involve others who amble in on their own time. 

If you’re a kinky little brat, the numerology fully supports some sordid, off-centre adult adventures. Check you out, you naughty thing. 

ALL 11s 

You’re thinking about some spiritual stuff this month. The magical world may have opened its doors to you right around the beginning of March. Stop giving it the side eye and walk on through. If you’ve been ignoring the spiritual world in favour of either the material or the religious worlds, you’re  about to be reminded of a connection you haven’t felt since your were small and you still had a foot in the otherworld. 

If you go through this door you’ll probably end up questioning a lot of things and making some revisions to your life in progress. So build the altar. Take the meditation class. Read that book on ancestral work.  

As my father was fond of telling me, “The world has not changed – just your perception of it.” A whole new world that has always been in front of you is waiting to be discovered. 

ALL 22s 

As the first action point for the universal year shows up for us, take a moment to look back on all the you’ve achieved in your mortal experience so far. Even if you’re young, with a 22 Life Path, you’ve probably had some supersized life experiences. If you are on the younger side you might be seeing the road into your future more clearly this month.

 If you’re older, you might find yourself looking to the sunset, thinking about how your influence shows up in the faces of your children and grandchildren or even what awaits you in the next realm. Either way, pull up a rocking chair and pour some iced tea. Sit with things for a bit.  

This is a month of looking inward, regardless of where you are on the path in this life. Your day to day existence will putt putt along smoothly so long as you let others play with the toys, too, and don’t try to control the game. 

If it feels like it’s time for a new Fool’s Journey, that’s because it is. The energy of reinvention is in the air. Run toward it and jump in with both feet. 

ALL 33s 

This is a year for breakthroughs

Last month you were fired up about something new 

If things feel upside down right now and your world view has been cracked wide open. you’re right on cue. Many of the things you used to look to, to gauge your progress or seek any sort of validation – they’re not there or they’re not working for you anymore. It’s like you took a nap and the whole world changed in that hour. 

It’s a trippy month, but just breathe and smooth out your pants. You aren’t in the wrong timeline, you aren’t a reprogrammed NPC, and there are no tears in the fabric of reality. As you make breakthroughs this year, invite new things into your life, and deal with whatever rises out of the swamp, your perception of reality shifts. 

Things feel like they pick up speed during this time of year for everyone. It’s the universal action point for 2023. The passage of time is not actually changing but as we approach the equinox and get more energized by the sun, we speed up so everything feels faster. 

Of all the life paths, yours is the one most prone to falling into the fog of this year’s universal 7/Ketu energy. If people, situations, work, school, whatever – suddenly starts to feel overwhelming – remember your body. Go for a walk everyday in the nearest greenspace, lift some weights, do yoga, go swimming – do physical, real world things to stay grounded. 


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