Reaching Into The Cauldron: The House of Wealth; comfort and security

This is my favourite house in Mahabote and it’s the one where I start my chart interpretations. It’s not the first house, it’s the fourth house. The way I look at a Mahabote chart, this house is like the heart of a human being. It’s energy flows into all of the other houses like the heart pumps blood. 

Mahabote houses aren’t like Vedic or Western astrological houses. For starters, there are only seven of them. They don’t cover specific areas like careers, friends, or children. They’re more like different facets of one person; although in answering mundane questions specific planets in certain houses can show one possibility over others

The name “House of Wealth” does not necessarily refer to monetary wealth. Mostly it refers to the things that individuals need to be present in their lives, to give a feeling of security. For some of us this can be money. For others it’s feeling in control. Some people may not feel secure if they’re not surrounded by other people and some want to be completely alone. There are those who want traditions that give structure and those who want to tear that all down. 

Whatever is in there, in turn, influences everything it touches. Someone who values money as a means to security and stability is going to infuse the rest of their chart with a very materialistic energy. Someone who values a spiritual connection is going to fill their chart with seeker’s energy. 

If the planet in this house is surrounded by tense or unsupportive energy or is experiencing an unsupportive transit, the House of Wealth energy can be stunted. It may be turned inward, making this person more dreamer than doer. It can show an individual who suffers from imposter syndrome.

Depending on the surrounding planets or transits, it could also be that the worst aspects of that natal placement are supported and emphasized. In this regard, the House of Wealth might infuse the chart with argumentative or aggressive energy. The individual in question might be a master manipulator who only feels secure if they’re controlling everyone around them. 

Now I also take the birth planet into account when looking at this and every other house in the chart. The birth planet operates like a constant hum in the background, modifying everything. I also look at the chart lord, which is found in the House of Leader – something I can talk about in another post  




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