I made my first podcast!

You can listen to it here

I am so shy about promoting this. I don’t know why. Well, actually, yes I do – I’m suffering from a scorching case of imposter syndrome.

But yes, I made a podcast.

I said I was going to change how I did the numerology reports every month and I did it. It is not fancy and I did it with my phone. There are moments when you can hear the cat playing with my notes. I can’t recall if she shares any opinions out loud.

I curse like a sailor, just so you know. I tried to be bland about it but it slipped out anyway.

It’s rough. This is not me being mean to myself, I’m being honest. It’s my first podcast and I realized in the early recording stages that I am an EXCELLENT BLOGGER & WRITER but that when I say my blog posts out loud, it sounds so very wrong. So I scrambled to make it not sound weird and cut half my material.

If I had just read it as written, it probably would have been a 90 minute post, including the bit about Trump.

Yes I talk about The Donald. I discuss certain elements of his chart that are relevant to his indictment right now. Yes I have my own opinions but I’m just interpreting his chart. Mind you my opinions become a little untucked toward the end. Whether you love him or hate him, the Rahu is strong in that one. He is definitely experiencing his life path fully.



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