What’s in a reading?

Someone on my Facebook page asked me the other day, what a reading with me entails.

And you know what, all these years I have never made a blog post about that.

The big chart, the core chart is a book about you. It consists of a birth chart with your core numbers:

  • Cornerstone
  • Life Path
  • Expression
  • Heart
  • Destiny

It is helpful if you can connect with me via Facebook or Instagram to send me a voice note. Proper analysis of a name is an esoteric interpretation of sound, not letter for letter as it is written. To that end, a voice note sent on either FB or IG is extremely helpful. Then there is the personal year chart:

  • Personal Year Interpretation
  • Triads
  • Personal Months
  • Personal Year Timeline including action and peak phases

And, of course, questions. Always have some questions. For some reason, over the years my clients have all uniformly come to the separate conclusion that they must ask three questions. I suppose three is the number embedded in the collective consciousness regarding such things. They can ask as many as they want. Ask two questions. Ask ten questions. Three is a good number, though, and most people can come up with three questions.

This reading is delivered via email. It’s several pages and is meant to be used as a guide. Ideally, people would get these around their birthday but that’s ok if it’s not birthday season when they book. I can still do a personal year forecast and devote some time to a brief discussion of the remainder of their current personal year.

Its not a program, either. It’s cast and calculated by moi, not by a computer program. The visualization is provided via Tarot cards that correspond to the numbers. It takes a full day to produce. I used to try to kid myself that I could have it done in a couple of hours but oh hell no, that’s not happening quickly.

I have tried to do it via online conference, but that doesn’t seem to work for me, either. I hate talking to people over a webcam. Zoom is difficult for me to purchase in a format that allows for sessions to be saved because for whatever magical reasons, I can’t get past the page I have to fill out for NY State taxation purposes. It just never works and customer service is about a useful as another hole in my head. Zoho is easier to purchase but it still doesn’t change the fact that I hate being on camera for more than five minutes.

So readings are not done live.

I’ve actually considered going even more in the opposite direction and offering a huge reading as parchment books with deckle edged pages written in ink with ink/drawings throughout – like an old wizard’s grimoire. This would have the above core chart but also a letter by letter analysis of the name, a progression of the name, a Mahabote birth chart and directional chart for mitigation, relevant Yantra square, plant correspondences – would be the magical book of you.

I don’t know how much of a market there would be for a personalized hand written tome of oneself. I also don’t know how long such a book would take but I can tell you it’d probably be a few weeks and cost a very pretty penny.

BUT, that is just me babbling. I don’t offer that. Yet.

And now it is time to carry on with the day. So remember, as you move forward in life, let shit unfold and be excellent to each other.

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