Rahu and stream of consciousness writing

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I sat down over the weekend to get started on a chart for a client and ended up doing a stream of consciousness writing about Rahu. I figured I’d share it here.

I just want to say, before I get right into it, that I’m not against Rahu. I don’t purposely root for the underdog but if I had to pick planetary energies that I think just rock, Rahu and Saturn would compete for top billing. I like adversarial energy because when the numbers or planets are always getting along, nothing changes. There’s no growth. Everything is just complacent and then decay starts to creep in. Saturn holds you still to face the music and Rahu directs the orchestra.

What started this free flow of writing was my observation that Rahu was in the client’s House of Leader. So essentially, Rahu is at the helm. There is no ascendant in Mahabote. The House of Wealth functions like a heart, infusing the chart with its vital energy and propelling us forward to seek out comfort, security, and stability. The House of Leader is the head, the brain, the control centre making the decisions that lead the heart. It is also called the chart lord.

Rahu as chart lord is uncomfortable because Rahu-born people are here to do new and different things. They’re here to lead unconventional lives and push boundaries. This will look different for everyone and will vary due to where and when the client was born. For example, a Rahu native born in North America in the 1930s may have flaunted convention as a young adult in the 1950s by living with someone while not being married. Today, that wouldn’t be very Rahu of them. In fact, most people live common law as opposed to being married and people wait longer to tie the knot. Today, no one would blink.

Rahu pushes boundaries and gets us questioning things. Rahu is the serpent head that is always rushing forward, consuming everything in its path. Everything Rahu encounters is new because it never sticks around long enough to become part of anything. While I have never heard of a global major or minor planetary cycle in Mahabote, it would not surprise me if there was one, and it was currently in Rahu.

Why do I say this? Because identity and Rahu are close bedfellows. Whenever I open virtually any social media app on my phone I am treated to a nonstop barrage of culture war playing out in my feeds. Everything from who is what ethnicity or nationality, colourism, who has the correct amount of racial ancestry to satisfy the keyboard pundits with their self-identity, who has a birthright to certain beliefs systems and/or aspects of material culture, who can identify as what sex or what gender, does sex even exist, does gender even exist, both sides harassing and doxxing people that don’t agree with either mob, and on and on and on – and everyone is whipped up, tired, angry, and confused.

Rahu is sitting back with a Coke and grin, laughing his ass off.

This is just an observation but it seems like a really good time to bring back the old-fashioned human powered push mowers. No cord, no gas, just you pushing and making it go. There’s an awful lot of folks out there that just don’t have enough to do and I feel like a good sweat in the fresh air and sunshine would do them some good. Rahu loves a good head game and like Loki, this shadow planet will toy with whoever is foolish enough to let him into their heads

Rahu in numerology

In numerology the birth of Donald Trump is ruled by Rahu because he has a 31/4 life path/destiny. Rahu rules all the emanations of the 4 vibration. His life path is the mirror to 13/4. I talked about that in my podcast so I won’t rehash all that here. You can go listen, it’s the last 10-15 minutes.

31/4 is what we call eccentric when the person is rich or we like them. We say they’re a different duck, or that they just call it like they see it, or they march to their own drumbeat. If they’re poor or we don’t like them, we refer to this energy as volatile, unpredictable, or just plain crazy. Then these folks are dangerous, full of crack pot theories, and they need to be dealt with. We are far less inclined to excuse away their behaviour when position and popularity are not present. Within a numerological context, 31 is the best emanation of the 4 pattern that I can think of, to really show the energy of Rahu in action.

In numerology Rahu is 4 and Jupiter is 3. Numbers beside each other in the 1-9 procession share traits. Rahu and Jupiter both grow things. Call something in under the auspices of 3 or 4 and you will definitely get a lot of bang for your buck. Mercury corresponds to 5. Rahu and Mercury also share traits. Both are inquisitive energies that like to investigate and learn. Both like to stir things up. How they do that is different: when Mercury is feeling mischievous your keys will go missing and you’ll be late. When Rahu wants to toy with you, you’ll go right off the road and into a ditch. Both planetary energies like to play with identity and both planetary cycles are known for issues with technology.

Rahu’s opposite is Ketu, which corresponds to 7. That we’re in a 7/Ketu universal year experiencing the hoohaw of 4/Rahu is not a shock to me. 7/Ketu does not want to stray too far from the realm of comfort and safety. While the 7 vibration is associated with scientific inquiry and knowledge, like the charioteer in The Chariot – card 7 in the Tarot – this is an energy that will retreat back into its battle wagon or safe space until reinforcements arrive. 7/Ketu likes to theorize and daydream; but it prefers the stability it has. Of course it’s counterpart Rahu has no stability because Ketu is the body.

Rahu times itself, or 4×4, equals 16/7 – The Tower – everyone’s favourite card. Ruled by Mars, the energy of 16/7 is like anarchy for peace.

And that’s where the stream ran dry because my teacup was empty. By the time I returned to my chart with a fresh cup, my train of thought had completely derailed.

And that’s all I got for today, folks! Remember as you move forward in life to let shit unfold and be excellent to each other!

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