Tarot card personality combos as seen on social media: The Super Martyr

2 of Swords with 10 of Wands

Also known as “So Woke It Hurts”

Instead of asking for a card of the day while I enjoy my morning coffee, I have  started asking my Tarot cards to show me how the various personalities that we come across on social media can manifest as card combinations. Here is Part One! 

On its own the 2 of Swords indicates a personality with a strong need for partnership. This person does not want to be alone. The 2 energy pattern wants to bond and the swords are full of air and impulsivity. This particular card has strong Moon in Libra influences. Combined, we see a personality that gets involved with things for the sake of being involved in something. The identity created by being part of a couple or a group is very strong in the 2 of Swords.

The 10 of Wands personality seeks simplicity and security. This individual is straightforward and prefers their own rules. The person behind this card is often someone who follows a rigid set of beliefs that they one day come to question OR they’re someone who has sworn off organized belief systems altogether. They need to know the “whys” behind a thing and being a Wands card that is strongly influenced by Saturn in Sagittarius they like concrete answers that appeal to their passions or heart.

The 10s are hesitations – the cycle is over and things need to be put down in order to begin again. The 10 of Wands personality has a hard time with this, and continues carrying the burdens as shown in the images for this card, across most decks. As a result they can become very sharp and critical of those who just seem to bip along happily in life, blithely unaware of the dangers around every corner. Don’t those people see what the 10 of Wands personality is doing for them?

On its own the 10 of Wands can be a frustrating martyr. We all know someone who carries the cross and gets a little self-righteous about it. With the the 2 of Swords air feeds the fire. We see a person who is fanatical in their approach to issues. They alone are the keepers of the light. They are the wokest of the woke and they do it all for YOU. You ingrates who don’t care how they suffer, you bread-eaters who show up to benefit by their labour or lobbying – that’s right, YOU. If you don’t think that’s you, then the 2 of Swords can manipulate language or thought and move the goalposts so presto! it’s you, too. No one is getting off the hook.

Don’t be fooled – they need you. Within that 2 of Swords is the clawing pathological desire to be a part of something at all costs. With the 10 of Wands the cost is the belief that they have to do all the work so that it gets done properly and for everyone’s benefit, of course.

We know these folks. They start out sounding reasonable until their crazy comes untucked because no one is applauding their sacrifice. They’re so woke it hurts. These people tend to burn out in a big flame, and sometimes they take a few followers with them. Burned out, feeling betrayed, and very angry with themselves – because on some level they know that no one actually asked them to take up the cross – they tend to go 100% the other direction. They’re done with (insert belief system, career, or social justice cause here) and they want no more of it. These personalities tend to get welcomed into the opposing crowd with open arms where they can repeat the process again!

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