Tarot card personality combos as seen on social media, part 2: The Girl Boss

Princess of Wands & 10 of Pentacles

The Princess of Wands

The Girl Boss is generally a very sweet, friendly young woman. Perky and cheerful, she’s TikTok dancing and unboxing her way into your heart and wallet. Whether it’s an affiliate link to the best! collagen! ever! or a DIY body scrub, she’s got you covered.

The Princess of Wands is a friendly personality. Sensitive to everything around them and very enthusiastic, the princess enjoys the world around her. She wants to be her own boss. Raised on YouTube since she was a child, she can’t understand why everyone isn’t trying to make that money online.

The Princess of Wands likes her own space and wants to do her own thing on her own time. Although mostly untested by life and often very amusing we elders on social media, she has a strong set of values that needs to be reflected in her online empire. “Oh look at that one go”, we say. “They’ll eat her.”

The Girl Boss is increasingly a passion entrepreneur in the DIY world. Her body scrub is a jar full of small batch, hand crafted, artisanal magic. It’s all organic and the individual ingredients come from family farms and fair trade collectives in other countries. She charges it up with sunlight and positive affirmations.

Her customers are her online family. Your packages arrive with hand written notes, complete with hugs and kisses, thanking you for your support. Not your business, your support. This princess is in the business of building community and relationships.

The 10 of Pentacles

The 10 of Pentacles reflects the energy of Mercury in Virgo: efficient, focused, and full of ideas to bring in that coin. She knows what she’s doing. Beneath that clean-scrubbed friendly exterior lurks a mind that is One with The Matrix. She understands the analytics dashboard better than we old farts ever will.

While we’re still figuring out how to find our account settings, she’s gone in, eyeballed her stats, and batch-produced a dozen Canva infographics for Instagram. While we’re trying to figure out what filter makes us look less old and fat, she’s produced a funnel page for her new Mastermind class.

That’s the great thing about the Girl Boss. She wants to share the wealth – for a price, of course. She’s all about the abundance. The Girl Boss wants everyone to be a 20something home owner just like her.

Now no one can be that sunny and sweet all the time and our Girl Boss is no exception. This is still business, even when it’s fun. She’s very calculated in her approach. She doesn’t collab with just anyone. Underneath the coconut-infused eye cream and glitter lip gloss is a businessperson  with a bottom line. The pressure to stay relevant and keep the sales coming in can see our Girl Boss making some rather poor life choices:

  • Using low quality, sometimes dangerous, ingredients.
  • She’s a passion entrepreneur and often lacks education in her field but she positions herself as an expert until her work shows otherwise.
  • Delivering poorly written digital products that teach very little and may have been plagiarized from various sources.
  • Inserting themselves into a controversy or tragedy as a way to promote their shop.
  • Curating family and friends in such a way so as to present a certain lifestyle, family relationship, economic class, or ethnicity.
  • Accidentally on purpose “borrowing” certain items to serve as props in their videos that they know will create a stir. Seriously, put the white sage down and walk away. You KNOW. I’m old and unhip, and I know better.

Girl Bosses are related to White Lady Life Coaches, who I’ll be roasting with Tarot at a later time. For now, that’s all I got! Everyone as you move forward in life, let shit unfold and be excellent to each other!

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