Celebrity Birth Charts

A few things are emerging this year in my hunt for celebrity birth charts for Patreon:

  • Many of them – a huge amount, actually – have 11 life paths. The 38 and 29 emanations are the most common. Are there other life paths? Certainly there are, but I’ve come to realize that for whatever reason, I can can almost assume they’ll be 11s. The biggest exception to this is the next point.
  • A large amount have 30/3 life paths. This is particularly true for those famous folk involved in the arts, philosophy & culture, and politics. I mean, it’s not wrong.
  • Across all life paths, a very large amount are Friday born. Depending on their birth time in relation to the sunrise, they are either Jupiter or Venus born. Both planets are manifestors. The majority of the Friday born celebrities I’ve looked at are Venus born.

Just observations I had while I was looking at Noam Chomsky’s chart.

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