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Are you tired? I am.

Once again circumstances have found me up at dawn’s crack, functioning on next to no sleep.

So, I am trying to make the best of it by taking advantage of the extra hours to do this, work on my numerology book, and to start blogging again.

It’s called making the best of a very challenging situation.

Which is right up there in today’s universal energy, FYI.

Today vibrates to a universal 22/4 within a 7 year. The energy is demanding and high strung. Numerologically speaking, Uranus is in Ketu’s playground with Rahu. Fun!

Unusual and interesting events are highlighted today. This is a day with “great potential”. Don’t you just love that expression, “great potential”? Hahahaha. I find it to be a euphemism for “embrace the suck”.

We need to be adaptable today. Opposing forces are more pronounced right now and teamwork is needed. It’s not a day to isolate yourself, although you may want to. You’re going to have to lean into teamwork and maybe a little conflict resolution, even if you’re not totally on board with it. If you find yourself breathing and counting through a lot of things today, just know that I’m right there with you.

New starts are going to be difficult today if you’re trying to wing it. You need a plan because going off all headstrong into the unknown is going to get you knocked on your arse and possibly scrambling for a ride home from the quilting bee. Picking up where you left off might also be problematic so if your train of thought is continuously derailed today, maybe just shelve that particular thing you’re struggling with for another time.

Material things and structures may crumble today. This can be literal and metaphorical. Spirits will be tested and balance is needed. It’s also likely that we might see the sudden downfall of someone or something prominent that we night not have expected.


And that’s all I got for today, folks! As you move forward in life remember to let shit unfold and be excellent to each other.


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