23/5 Reading for the Threadiverse: follow your passion

So today is a 23/5 day within a 14/5 karmic month within a 7/Ketu year.

I like 23. It’s my life path number. My son was born on the 23rd. The Tarot correspondence is the King of Wands. Astrologically, 23 has ties to the constellation of Leo and Royal Star Regulus. It reduces to 5, and so it links to Mercury as well.

Passion gets a boost today. How that manifests for each of us will depend on our charts. We all carry the universal vibration with us, though, so if you don’t know your chart don’t worry.

The energy today supports optimism, passion, and talent. If there’s something you want to do and the thought of doing it intimidates you – today is the day to take steps towards it. Because this number has correspondences to Leo and The King of Wands, there is no baby-stepping it here. Put your crown on with a flourish and go do the thing.

Here’s the thing about this energy, though, that a lot of people never see. Anything that’s Leonine is loud, bold, and showy. That’s how Leo distracts you. Underneath all that razzle-dazzle lurks anxiety, doubt, and unrealistic expectations.

This number pattern is brave, though. If you can chuck all that insecurity aside, the gift of today’s energy is becoming aware of your own power. Not gradually. There’s no weird woo woo shift that new age folk like to talk about, that may take forever. That’s not how this energy works. It is BAM! DONE! This means that you’ll start feeling your oaties fairly quickly if you get out of your own way and start doing the thing.

Let your need to get what you want and your ability to tap into your connection to the universe be your driving forces today. Today is not a day to fall down the hole of inaccurate perceptions or expectations. Put that shit aside and just give ‘er.

And remember, we are never not connected. You may not feel particularly connected if you’re drawing from the shitty end of the energy spectrum, but you are still connected to everyone and everything. We are never off the path, no matter how many plastic gurus selling digital masterclasses try to tell us.

It also bears mentioning that the correspondences to 23 are not solo performers. Both the King of Wands and Leo realize the importance of connection with others. They’re not afraid of the Big ask and you shouldn’t be, either. So before you go slay the dragon, text a friend or three and invite them on your quest.

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