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I’m writing a book so I should really talk about that

Let me just say that I do not know how to promote anything online. So I really don’t know how to appropriately market this except to say:

I’m writing a book. If you join my email list then you’ll get a newsletter with little snips from said book. I want to say weekly but then my brain pipes up with, “Do we even have things to say weekly?” Ugh  Biweekly? I don’t know. I thought of making a zine but I don’t know where to start. The last time I did that was on a Gestetner.

An email list seems less bitey than cranking out a zine.

I do not have a publisher. I don’t know if I’m self publishing.

What I do know RIGHT THIS MINUTE is that I’m writing a book.

At first I was just going to shop around publishers and say nothing. However, most submission applications require that you have several chapters ready to go, a social media following, and a marketing plan.

I don’t have a big massive following on any platform. I’m not listed in any magazines or websites as a who’s who. I don’t have any organized book chapters. I absolutely SUCK at social media marketing and I’m really socially awkward so my big marketing plan was to assume that the publishing house with the money and the reach would put their people to work doing that, but apparently not.

What I do have is this head full of thirty plus years of stuff. I have two years worth of organized articles from Patreon and Ko-fi, written in such a way as to be converted into two or three books on Tarot-Numerology and Mahabote. I also have this blog and a somewhat reasonable understanding of SEO left over from several years as a crochet blogger.

So this is my plan right now: I’m going to go full frontal autistic assault and talk about my special interest in my own awkward mostly monotone way while I do show and tell and probably near to Christmas when I have a book done, it’ll either be published by me on Amazon or I will have enough stuff massed up to fill out a submission proposal and it will have been picked up by some publisher.

You’ll buy it and you’ll love it and you’ll tell all your friends.

That is the plan. Sound good? I hope so.

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