How to figure out your personal numbers

1. Write down your full date of birth. You’ll need this. Let’s use a fictitious DOB to show you examples: July 22, 1987 

2. The first calculation you need is your Life Path. Add the numbers in your DOB straight across, left to right. If your DOB contains an 11 or 22 in either the month or day, add this number as is. These are master numbers and we do not reduce them:

  • July 22 1987 becomes 7+22+1+9+8+7
  • This works out to 54. For now, reduce this to a single digit: 5+4=9
  • If the number had reduced to a multiple of 11, we would have stopped there.
  • Please note: years like 1988 or 2022 are not master numbers. They would be added as 1+9+8+8 or 2+0+2+2 because they are entire numbers, not 19 and 88 or 20 and 22.
3. The next number you will figure out is your Personal Year. Add your day and month of birth to the year in question. This gives you a Personal Year number that runs from your most recent birthday to your birthday next year.
  • So using the above birthday, 7+22+2+0+2+3=36 3+6=9 This gives a Personal Year Number that will affect our client from their birthday this year in July to their birthday next year in July.
  • If you have not had your birthday yet, you will calculate your Personal Year Number using last year’s number. So if we were looking at our fictitious birthday BEFORE July 22nd 2023, we would add 7+22+2+0+2+2=35 3+5=8
4. The next number we need is the Personal Month. Add your Personal Year to the month in question. So our fictitious person would be experiencing the following Personal Month Number in November:
  • Like the Personal Year, the Personal Month revolves around the birthday. Our imaginary person was born on the 22nd of July so their month energy runs from the 22nd to the 22nd of each month. Personal energies only line up neatly with the calendar when the client is born on January 1st.
  • Because of the 22nd birthday, we need to start with their Personal Month Number for October: Personal Year + Month In Question = Personal Month, so 9+10=19. This further reduces to 1 but 19 is actually a karmic number so I would look at this, too. From the 22nd of October to the 22nd of November, this person is experiencing a karmic 19/1 Personal Month Number.
  • From the 22nd of November to the 22nd of December the calculation would look like this: 9+11=20 2+0=2 For the last eight days of November this person would be experiencing a 2 Personal Month Number that would actually extend to the 22nd of December.
5. The last number we need is the Personal Day. This is done by adding the date in question to the Personal Month Number:
  • So what day is our pretend person experiencing on November 4th? Personal Month + Day In Question = Personal Day Number 1+4=5 or if we want to work with the karmic 19: 19+4=23
  • This is actually a number that relates to the Royal Star of The Lion. 23 is a special number of protection and success. However, it is easier to work with single digits, so 5 is the Personal Day Number for November 4th, 2023 for our imaginary person. This is a day that relates to changing situations, being adaptable, plans shifting, new information being revealed, inquisitiveness, sociability, communication and learning, functioning within a busy environment, and practical jokes – the things of Mercury are front and center on this day.
  • If we want to be super precise, the Personal Day runs from the time of birth to the time of birth 24 hours later.

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