Your Numerology Is Not Morther Specialer Than Anyone Else's

There is some posturing in the numerology community over who is doing “real” numerology or not. I don’t have time for it. If your math is correct and your interpretations are accurate then your numerology is fine. If you like Chaldean, great. If you like Pythagorean, great. If you like Vedic, great. You get my drift?

The reason I get a little cranky about this is that I have read “Vedic” books by Indian numerologists who used Pythagorean alphabet keys. I have read “Pythagorean” books that used compound numbers and planetary correspondences. I have read books written by individuals who have said quite plainly, “If you’re not doing it the way I’m writing about then your numerology is wrong” only to state a few pages later that their book contains an amalgam of systems that they devised over the years for themselves. 

I have a book written by mathematician and numerologist, Dr. Kevin Quinn Avery. It was published in France in 1974 as “La Vie Secrète des Chiffres” and in the English-speaking world as “The Numbers of Life”. Dr. Quinn Avery used the terms numerologist/kabbalist interchangeably. He discussed the pros and cons of Pythagorean vs Chaldean numerology and showed how both can be useful. I can not tell you how many numerology books I have read that were written by (mostly) Pythagorean numerologists, carrying on about how their numerology is the “real/ancient” version, using modern formulas lifted straight out of this particular book, which investigated both schools of thought. So to all the numerologists out there who want to tell people that what they’re doing isn’t the “right” numerology, respectfully, kiss my big rosy red arse. 

I try the charting systems in every numerology book I read. They all work. No one numerologist has the “true key”. If you want to look back far enough, then only the Vedic is the “true” numerology and all the Pythagorean numerologists are wasting their time, but having had readings by Pythagorean numerologists, I know this isn’t the case. Use the formulas and interpretations that resonate with you. Create new systems and test them with everyone who will sit with you for a chart. If numerology is to survive it must be allowed to evolve to suit the times.  Above all, be a good human and don’t go picking on people.

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