All about you with Tarot cards: Part Two

The Birth Day

Your day of birth is important, too. Some types of numerology place THIS as the Life Path and the calculation that we discussed in Part One as the Destiny. They’re both important numbers and the Birth Day Number sheds light on the Life Path because a person born on the 31st of the month will walk their path differently than someone born on the 16th, even if they have the same Life Path. Every placement adds a block of information

Are you a leader? Do you enjoy the occasional bit of drama? Keep a stiff upper lip? Your day of birth gives it all away. This number lets us see how you approach things and reveals some of your quirks and tools – talents that come naturally to you in this lifetime.

The calculation is easy. Simply use your birth day and reduce it to a number between 1 and 22.

In the example I shared in Part One, our person was born on the 23rd of October so his Birth Day Number is 23, which reduces to 5. We also calculated an 11 Life Path for this individual in Part One.

So this person’s cards are Strength (11) and The Hierophant (5).

The person in our example is walking a road filled with upheaval and many “learning experiences” that he’ll laugh about when he’s older. Psychic and sensitive but also loud and with a distinct flair for the dramatic, this person is very creative and hard to pigeon hole. He thrives on change, is a social butterfly, and is 100% comfortable with being the center of attention.

He’s a survivor who has a lot of interesting stories to pass on. He needs to guard against hanging on to old hurts. He also needs to mind the bombastic mouth – not everyone is going to get his humor or agree with his opinions. How he presents himself can land him in some hot water, if he doesn’t watch the impulsiveness.

Did I really get that from those two numbers? Yes I did! It doesn’t hurt that I’m his mother but I knew these things were on the table as possibilities when he was an infant because I cast his chart and studied it as he grew. It helped me to help him navigate the trail he was going to blaze as well as put out some of the fires!!

(Knowing how to make wine was also helpful)


Write down your Birth Day Number beside your Life Path. If you have Tarot cards, lay the corresponding cards out. To keep it simple at first, just lay out one card for each even if you can reduce further. So if your Life Path is a 14/5 pick either Temperance OR The Hierophant and if your Birth Day Number is 18/9, pick The Moon OR The Hermit. Once you’ve had a chance to study the cards you’ve picked, add the other ones in. If you don’t have cards, find the images online. Pinterest is a great place to hunt and you can make a Pin Board of your card images.

If you don’t have a Tarot deck, maybe you’ll end up buying one. I won’t tell. I know people that don’t use Tarot decks for any sort of “fortune telling” or divination, but keep one strictly for personal development like we’re doing here.

Remember to make notes and write down whatever comes to mind! Even if it doesn’t make sense now, one day it might.

Please note:

I have been asked privately why I am not also writing down full meanings to Tarot cards and numbers. Here’s the deal: whether you look at your own cards or find a set online to look at, a good Tarot deck should have enough symbolism that you don’t need a book of written words. For a lot of us this is difficult because we are products of an education system that prizes direct instructions and concrete thinking. Abstract thought is hard for a lot of us, but not impossible. Give it a try before you seek out written work on the subject.

I use Tarot cards to show numbers because they are flash cards for numerology, astrology, and mysticism. In future lessons there will be free digital downloads and infographics for you to enjoy.

And that’s all I’ve got for today. Come back in a few days for Part Three!!!!

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