Numerology Tarot Spread: 4 cards, easy to do

Numerology Tarot spread: 4 cards to give a month-by-month look at your destiny

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Often, when I’m reading at events I need a Tarot spread that not only engages the client but is quick and concise as well: enter the numerology Tarot

spread. It is a month-by-month look at what lies ahead. It’s one of my favorite Tarot spreads to do at pop-ups because, with only four cards, there is no risk of navel-gazing at busy functions.


I did not invent it, so let’s give credit where credit is due

This spread comes from a FABULOUS book by Cassandra Eason: 1001 Tarot Spreads. I highly recommend this book if you, like me, find yourself doing a lot of Tarot readings and it’s starting to feel a little boring. There are more than a few spreads in this book that are going to seem rather…..specific but that’s because they are taken from her in-person readings with clients. There really are 1001 Tarot spreads in this book so the chances of you NOT finding something to use are pretty slim. When I first plucked the book off the shelf to flip through it, it opened to a spread regarding coming out later in life and I had chills because reading the spread positions was like reading my story. I knew I’d be doing that reading for myself later that day, so I bought the book.

The Numerology Tarot spread in detail

First, write down your full date of birth: day month year. We will use a fictitious birthdate to demonstrate. Let’s say our client was born on the 15th of July, 1983. 

  • The first thing we do is reduce each number to a single digit: 15 1+5 becomes 6, July is the 7th month so that is already a single digit, and 1983 1+9+8+3 becomes 21.
  • Yay! We have our numbers: 6, 7, 21
  • Now we add the whole birthdate to get our final number: 6+7+21=34
  • So the four numbers we will use are: 6, 7, 21, and 34

The Numerology Tarot spread is primarily used to look at the month ahead but it can be used to answer any question.

Let’s look at the positions as they were originally written, though, because this might suit your purposes: 

  • Shuffle and cut the cards however it is that you do this. Deal out cards equivalent to the first number. Keep that card. So in our example, we will deal out six cards. When we get to the sixth card, that is the one we keep. Set that card down, gather up all the other cards, reform the deck, shuffle, and cut. This position shows the opportunities in the month ahead.
  • Deal out the second card the same as the first. This card shows the challenges to be overcome in the month ahead.
  • Deal out the third card in the same way. This card shows what strengths you have available to you in the month ahead.
  • Deal out the fourth card in the same way. This card shows what unexpected but beneficial events. 

You can change the meanings of each card in the Numerology Tarot spread

You don’t have to use the positions as they are given in the Numerology Tarot spread. This is a reading based on your blueprint at birth so organize the placements as you see fit, in keeping with your question. Here are some ideas:

  • Situation/Major Influence/Foundation/Outcome
  • You/Me/The Problem/The Solution
  • The Present Issue/What led up to this moment/How it’s affecting my life/What will happen if I (choose action)?

Those are just some ideas. You don’t need a lot of cards to do a good reading. The more cards you draw, the higher the likelihood you’ll just chowder things up with unnecessary or confusing information. 

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now! Remember, as you move forward in life, let 💩 unfold and be excellent to each other!


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