All about you with Tarot cards: Part Three

Onwards Buttercup!! There is more to see!!

Let’s look at Cornerstones.

The cornerstone of a building is the stone that sets the whole alignment. So it is with the cornerstone of a name, too. The first letter of your name infuses your core with specific energy that creates tension and ease with different placements within your chart.

This alphabet key will be different than what I’ve shown at EvolvePlus or in TikTok videos.

It uses phonetic sounds, not just letters, so some of the letter-number correspondences have changed. I have done great readings with both alphabet keys, one is not better than the other.

One of the downsides to contemporary numerology is that in spite of it being named after Pythagoras, it was developed by and for modern English speakers. The letter-based approach isn’t complete because oftentimes what we say versus how we write it are two different things. This is especially true of English!

When I do a name analysis I often compare the energy of the name letter by letter as it is on the birth certificate to the energy of the name as the client speaks it. This gives me an idea of what they were given versus what they use out in the world.

This particular sound key is aligned with Tarot. For those interested in a Tarot deck with the letters and phonics printed on the cards, the deck that uses them is here. That is an Amazon affiliate link. If you do purchase those cards I will get a small commission. I am saying this simply because I have to make you aware of affiliate links. You are under no obligation to buy anything. 

If you click here, you can download a short little workbook that I put together a few years ago for understanding cornerstone energy. It focuses on the workplace and uses team-building as examples because I wrote it to teach industry colleagues. It does not use the Tarot but it can certainly supplement what is written here. It does use the “standard” Chaldean alphabet key that I have shared on EvolvePlus and elsewhere.


Lay out your Life Path, Birth Day, and Cornerstone cards. Look at them separately and together. Since your Cornerstone infuses everything, put it in between the other two cards. It is then like the glue that binds two pages of a book. Write down whatever thoughts come to you, then go to Google if you feel like you need to.

You might have two of the same numbers or perhaps all three are the same! It does happen from time to time. This is simply an emphasis or abundance of that energy.


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