All about you with Tarot cards: Part Four

Use these cards in personal readings

Use these cards in readings that you do for yourself. Maybe they’re for personal or spiritual development, maybe they’re more in line with divination and asking questions. It’s entirely up to you. Let’s assume that you’re wondering about a potential job – you’re wondering if it’s in alignment with your Life Path:

Leave the card symbolizing your Life Path in the deck. Shuffle while you think about your question and when you feel ready, stop shuffling and cut the cards. Deal the cards out until you come to your Life Path card. Lay it on the table and place the next cards over it so that they form a mini cross or plus sign. Does it seem like the Life Path card is expressed well through the card on top? Are they at odds? If it helps, just put them side by side.

Look at the images. What are the people doing? Are they active or passive? Creative? Fighting? Ignoring each other? Being sneaky? Toasting to success? Is the action happening at night under cover of darkness? In the bright light of day? Under a cloudy sky? What’s going on in those two cards?

If you need a quick guide, go here and download a copy of Tarot Quick And Dirty. This is an excerpt out of something bigger that I am writing.

If you feel so inclined, pick more cards as needed. Make notes as the thoughts come. Don’t worry if they aren’t proper sentences. Preserve the moment in a few words and write down whatever catches your eye: stormy skies – happy people – temple walls. This could be a challenging job within a stable company where you could be well-compensated for the effort required. It could also be that you’ll be happy to meet new challenges within the safety of an institution that has an established framework of operations. Just let the words comes and put them together later.

That is all for now!! Stay tuned for Part Five!!!

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