An Eclipse Reading: One card to rule them all

I did this one-card reading for myself, my wife, and our friends right there in their driveway while we shared one pair of eclipse glasses yesterday afternoon. Even though the eclipse is over, you can still do this reading. I told them to think about what the eclipse would support for them and then pull a card from the deck. I’ll share my card:


The Two of Disks/Pentacles is called “The Lord of Harmonious Change” in the Thoth deck. If you look closely, you will see glyphs for Jupiter and Capricorn just above and below the yin and yang symbols.

The astrological correspondences in this card talk about disciplined, practical goals in the pursuit of long-term success. Qualities of Jupiter such as expansion, luck, and abundance can manifest within the sign of Capricorn as career moves, longevity, and doing the behind-the-scenes work to make long-term goals a reality. This card’s message is to trust the future while carefully planning steps.

Numerologically, the Two of Disks is the 70th card of the Tarot. These two numbers relate to a conjunction between Ketu/the South Node and Uranus. 70/7 relates to dramatic closures that lead to greater freedom and authenticity. This card indicates that the eclipse energy will reflect a shift towards being able to be more fully oneself in this lifetime.

This marks an important turning point in life, which includes the past and past life patterns. There is also innovation and moving forward, as well as unexpected developments. Within the 70/7 vibration is an event trigger to revisit and release old patterns, karmas, and attachments associated with the past, thus opening doors to growth and liberation. Sounds like a cool party, but I know that the universe has a wacky old sense of humor so in true Jupiter in Capricorn style, I’ll proceed carefully.

Traditionally this card means not knowing your path and the internal struggle related to trying to juggle shifting realities while change occurs. Huh?! Ok, ok, that could look like trying to work a day job while you grow a crafting business at home in your off time. You want to go to sleep at 10pm but macrame wall hangings don’t weave themselves. You may have to talk yourself off the ledge while in the midst of all this because as a Two card, the shift from corporate cog in the wheel to self-employed artisan isn’t always visible. Much of the change that occurs within the Two cards is – like the High Priestess – sequestered away behind closed doors, off limits to public view.

If you are reading this well after the eclipse, then you can still pull a card. Just ask your question in the past tense: “What did the eclipse reflect for me?” Then study the hell out of that one card. I mean, you can pull as many cards as you want. I did a one-card draw because too many cards on the tailgate start to get a little clunky.

Well, that’s all I got for now. Remember, as you move forward in life, let shit unfold and be excellent to each other!


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