And the eclipse energy continues to work it’s magic

I have been fiddle-diddling with my internet presence for the last few months. That is all part and parcel of being spread all over the place and accomplishing nothing online. At one point I figured I would drop this domain and this identity but much like not giving myself bangs last week, I am glad that I held off. There are posts in drafts going back to 2014 and this identity actually goes back to about 1998 and the days of Xanga. That is a long time in internet years. Everything else is new. So everything else is being merged into this blog. I am diligently importing posts from places and then one by one shutting them down. The mirror site for this blog is I have learned over the years that keeping a free site or two that gets batches of posts added to it is not a bad idea because things can shift quickly in the feudal world of website “ownership”.

And if people come here thinking this is a recipe site and they don’t like it, they can suck it. Send me all the nastygrams you want. Tell me I need Jesus all you want. Your negative magic has no power over me anymore.

This website will continue to change. As I get into my THINCubator program I can 100% guarantee that this site will change.

  • For now, I have made my newsletters and zines public, on the sidebar and in the footer. There will no doubt be links in them that do not work so just be aware that I am aware of this. I don’t know when I will correct them because presently, that is a low-priority task.
  • Right now this site is “living room, bathroom, and kitchen cleaned, but for god’s sake don’t let the company wander into the bedrooms.” That is where this website is relative to its organization. Just wait until I start cleaning the basement! Who knows what lurks in there!
  • There is presently no way to subscribe to this site and no email list to join. I will get to that. I know at some point it will be covered in THINCubator and I am waiting to see if it is. I have struggled with this in the past because even though I know I’m a great blogger, I don’t do email lists well.

And that’s all I’ve got for now. Remember, as you move forward in life, let shit unfold and be excellent to each other!!


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