Conjunction junction, what’s your function? The upcoming Jupiter-Uranus conjunction!

Regardless of what system of astrology you practice, Jupiter will be forming a conjunction with Uranus overhead, on the 20th of this month. The Tropical conjunction will be in Taurus, the Sidereal will be in Aries. Either way it’ll be interesting.

But here, we look at the numbers because the numbers don’t care what astrology you practice.

The day of the conjunction is the 20th. This is a number whose vibration concerns energy, control, resurrection, and reckoning. This is why card 20 of the Tarot is Judgment and the image usually depicts the Biblical day of Judgment and The Resurrection.

The energy of the universal day – the full date – adds to 14/5. We in the biz refer to it as a “karmic” number. There are four such numbers, and the 14/5 pattern is one of them. The 14 vibration carries within it the energy of a Sun-Rahu conjunction (1 and 4 together, correspond to the Sun and Rahu/North Node). Within this numerical pattern is the desire to achieve worldly accomplishments. The numerology of this day supports aligning with destiny. Opportunities to develop talents and abilities will come more easily to us today. The energy offers you a chance to really think about what it is that lights you up – and then get cracking on making that happen. People may show up with just the things or information that you need for success today.

Every number has it’s shadow side and the shadow side of 14/5 is the misuse of resources, whether personal or otherwise, for selfish gain. The ego can take the wheel today and make us overconfident. Some of us may be tempted to orchestrate events behind a cloak of secrecy but on a 20 day vibration I promise you will be seen. Overstepping boundaries is also something supported by 14/5 vibration, so be mindful. There is eagerness and there is pushy. Let’s not be pushy and stomp all over someone’s boundaries.

Now you can have a great day or a crappy day any day of the week, this is just what the energy happens to support on this day. Remember too, this is universal not personal. An individual’s numerology chart for the day can show other things. This is the energy running in the background, though, and regardlesss of what your chart says, it is there for you to tap into if you so desire.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Remember, as you move forward in life, let shit unfold and be excellent to each other!!


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