A girl sitting on a bookshelf surrounded by gigantic books, my Mercury retrograde picture for the post

Mercury retrograde, you can stop teaching me fun little things any old time.

I. So this evening I disabled the Jetpack subscriptions. I don’t think anyone subscribed, save for my accountability buddy at ThINCubator. I will have to message her on Slack. *Mental note to me*

II. I’ll stick to Zoho. It’s easier and I don’t need an emotional support Cinnabon when it’s over which is good because I don’t think there’s a Cinnabon in Utica.

III. Mercury retrograde is starting to get me down. Normally that doesn’t happen. I have to keep reminding myself “Astrology is not causal it is reflective” over and over again.

IV. Shit. I need to get garbage bags. Why does NY state make you purchase garbage bags to put your already-bagged garbage in? Is this all over the state or is it just in the county I live in? It’s dumb, someone has to say it, it’s a dumb idea. It’s a make-work project for someone’s cousin. I’m not setting foot near Stewart’s at this hour. I guess I’ll be getting up at 6:30 so that someone’s cousin can keep making bags that don’t appear to serve any purpose that I can see…..other than making me need to buy government bags so that I can bag my garbage twice.

In other news……

V. I am busy creating a Tarot-Numerology course on Payhip. I couldn’t do the subscription thing, but if I plug away at it, an hour every day, I’ll have a course finished and uploaded to Payhip in about a month or so.

VI. I see my SEO score on this post is at 54/100. Considering they’re usually 11 to 20, I will consider this a Mercury retrograde win. Ooooh. Every time I say Mercury retrograde it jumps up another couple of points…that’s because Mercury retrograde is my focus keyword phrase. This must be why those cooking sites have those annoying paragraph answers for 50 ft on the page before you finally get to the recipe: How do you store flour? Can I freeze flour? Will flour go bad in the sun? Will reading stupid questions about flour make my IQ drop?

We had a guest speaker this evening and I forgot to share my accountability for the next week

VII. It was the owner of 4Elements Studio. Vartan was a great speaker and I could have listened to him a whole lot longer. I followed him on Instagram and if you’re from the 2024 Artist Refinery and you haven’t followed him, you should!

VIII. I think I need to set up a meeting with Angela. I need to talk about the woo factor in all of this. Earlier this year I noted that transit Pluto was about to tapdance for several months on my natal north node while it made another sojourn into Aquarius. I should have been more conscious of what that would reflect and what I would call in. It’s not bad, it’s just a lot and sometimes overwhelming.

IX. I have a meeting with Ryan tomorrow. I’ve been writing down questions for him. I don’t know which one is the pillar so I’m hoping he can help me drill down. In my head, I am designing a Tarot deck and everyone loves it, they want to buy prints, and my Reels get shared all over the place, so everyone knows who I am. In reality, I have an audience that is mostly bots and the only messages I get are from two friends and weirdos that want to buy pictures of my feet.

X. That’s my accountability – I need to get started on my first Tarot card image. I’ve got four or five ideas. I need to sit down and turn one of them into a painting.

That’s all I’ve got! Remember, as you move forward in life, let shit unfold and be excellent to each other!!

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