Chaldean Numerology

Numerology is the esoteric study of numbers. It was practiced in ancient civilizations all over the world. What we do today is modern, with ancient roots. While it is attributed to Pythagoras, he would have learned it in one of the ancient universities of Egypt, Greece, India, Persia, or Rome. The majority of what Western numerologists do can be traced back to ancient Chaldea. 

Others call what I do Chaldean numerology. I have also studied Vedic and Pythagorean numerology. There is a lot of overlap these days and I’ve seen:

  • Vedic numerologists using Pythagorean alphabet keys
  • Pythagorean numerologists using compound numbers
  • Chaldean numerologists using Pythagorean formulas
  • The repackaged super secret attunement systems, such as  “Egyptian Numerology”,  “Shamanic Numbers”, “Twin Flame Numerologist Certifications”, etc.

The “super secret ancient systems” are just modern Pythagorean numerology dressed in different suits. You only need to pay someone for initiations or attunements if you feel like you need to. 

FYI, “Pythagorean” numerology was created by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, about 2000 years after Pythagoras. The Chaldean numerology is modern, too, folks. They didn’t speak English or use the same calender any more than Pythagoras did. As far as I’m concerned, it started in Chaldea so it’s all Chaldean.

This is not a belief system, this is a practice. Whether you believe in it or not, performing the calculations properly will yield a numerical value with a specific interpretation. You don’t have to believe that 2+2=4 for it to be true.

There are no dogmas – no catmas, either! There are no deities to pledge fealty to, no devotions to engage in, and you can live however you want. This is not a religion, although some religious people use numerology. It’s also not witchcraft, although some witches use numerology. Nor is what I’m doing here part of any sort of folkway. Nobody owns math. It just is. 

I try to keep it to a minimum, but sometimes there will be woo. Dis/regard as you wish. There will also be sailor language and the roasting of well-known humans from all walks of life. I will also use numerology periodically to point out things within cultural movements and politics. Nothing is off limits and that includes personalities and issues that you might be emotionally attached to. 


  1. I am very much going to enjoy using your site. I am new to learning Tunisian crochet and the way you explain everything makes it very easy for me to understand, thank you for all the time you have put into this page.
    By the way I am also a LEFTIE and we are very special and talent people aren’t we.

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