Wednesday’s ramble: August, The Hierophant, and readings that stick out.

So August is nearly upon us. It’s funny how time flies when you’re underemployed. My industry took a beating because of COVID-19. I don’t think the beauty industry will ever be the same. So, I’m doing like all the other divination woke folk are doing. I’m looking for anything. Well, a lot of us are looking for anything. As my friend Laurie, over at Woke Astrology says, we have months, not years, to get our shit together. So I’ll reiterate, as I always do, December 17th. The shit begins hitting the fan again, starting December 17th. 

But, hey – August- full moon. Right. This full moon, also known as The Sturgeon Moon and The Moon When All Things Ripen, is in Aquarius. Peculiar things will be afoot. More peculiar than all of 2020? Who knows, but I’ve got my keto snacks all ready. 

You know what, let’s do a core chart for August 2020. Why not? Let’s pretend that August is a person. I think August as a person is a little bit of a hipster, but that’s just me. So the August 2020 core chart would look like this: 

Life path 12/3

Expression 13/4

Heart 7

Destiny 20/2 

First I’ll just say that if you’ve got a Pythagorean, Chaldean, or Vedic number/letter chart you may be scratching your head at my math. I use a chart system that assigns numerical value to phonetic sounds, not letters in the alphabet. My numbers probably won’t match yours. In fact, since August really isn’t a person and can’t say their name, I’m going with August as pronounced by me, in as bland an accent as I could muster. 

So 2020 August is setting itself up to learn about finding joy and happiness in odd places. This is where you need to read between the lines with energy patterns. In order to find joy and happiness in odd places, the standard places don’t apply. So if you’ve been finding joy and happiness at work, you might not find it there this month. Perhaps you find zero joy in repetitive things like doing the recycling, but maybe this month you’ll enjoy the mindlessness that comes with tearing the foil off of KCups and dumping the coffee in the compost bin. It could happen. 

 In general this is a spirit of self expression and great creativity. Again, reading between the lines. How do you express yourself? How are you creative? Generally speaking, when qualities appear as descriptors for any temporary vibration, it means you’ll have to cultivate them and if you don’t, the universe has a quaint way of continually putting you in situations where you will learn to cultivate said qualities. August 2020 is a happy month and this doesn’t surprise me, most of August is ruled by Leo, who loves a good party. But August’s undercurrent is 12, a number of willing and passive sacrifice. Now I’d have to look at an individual’s numbers to see how they’d fare out this month, but in general, August 2020’s underlying energy is about living in the moment and not trying to help anything move any faster than it is on its own. While also simultaneously cultivating creativity and the ability to find joy in odd places. Ahem. 

The August Expression is 13/4. It puts out some heavy duty karmic energy. To understand 13/4 as a karmic number, read The Grasshopper and The Ant. Spoiler alert: you should really be the ant in this scenario. The Heart of August is 7. The thing that August really wants you to do is dissect and analyze everything that you see and hear. Seven is a quirky, odd number that loves science and puzzles, but also meditation and mysticism. August’s Destiny Number is 20/2.  While 2 wants to dive in and get messy, 20 as an underlying ruler is more detached. Backing away from things, practising mindfulness, meditating, detaching, moving on but also being happy, finding joy, and exploring self expression? 

If August was a person, they’d be one of those weird artsy fartsy types that lives really well in spite of having no visible means of income. 

Synopsis: August 2020 isn’t going to be as heavy and depressing as some of the other months, as long as you get out of your own way and let shit unfold. 

The Hierophant 

I’ve been seeing this guy pop up a lot in readings. The Hierophant is a curious card. If I look at him strictly in Tarot terms, he’s the patriarchy. Ruled by Taurus, a dude in gold robes with altar boys in front of him? Thank god those aren’t the cards I use and the interpretations that I’ve picked up over the years. But, let’s face it, I could have fun with that. 

Numerologically speaking, five is all about the physical world and the five senses. In numerology five is ruled by Mercury. As a temporary vibration this number is about change, communication, experiencing all the things, a life well lived, hedonism, education, and travel. Five is also a number obsessed with FREEDOM. 

It’s showing up a lot these days in readings, in the FEARS position. The opposite of all that the five stands for is: narrow mindedness. Not telling your story. Staying in. Not learning. Giving up your freedom. Letting The Man tell you what to do. Keeping your knees firmly locked together. Lots of us worry about giving up our freedoms. Lots of us worry about having them, at the same time that we worry about losing them. Lots of us are afraid to leave the house at the same time that we are afraid to not be working. Lots of us are horny as hell but the thought of being naked in the room with someone and their potentially contagious, potentially covid laced secretions just fills us full of OH HELL NO. 

When the Canadian government is advising people to have sex with gloryholes, you know it’s some strange ass times we are living in. Only in Canada, eh? *Squints at my government* 

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