Today’s Numerological Weather: Spicy with a side of sensitivity

June is a universal 12/3 month. That energy flows in the the background, underpinning everything. Today’s universal day energy is 16/7. Those born today will carry this energy with them forever in their life path vibration. Those celebrating a birthday today will begin their 16/7 personal year. 

Remember, this is universal energy. You may not feel any of this at all, depending on your personal chart. Or you may feel ALL OF THIS. You most likely will find yourself somewhere in between. I don’t do daily energy every day because that kind of numeroscope isn’t sustainable. It’s a lot of damned writing that I no longer have time for if I am to wax scrotums and taints at work. How is your day? Does it also smell like arse? 

At any rate, you can have a great day, even when the numbers are spicy. 

Today is a universal 16/7. Ruled by Mars and corresponding to The Tower, this is a number pattern that supports deconstruction of what no longer serves. It tears your shit up, is what that means. Traditional Tarot decks show a watchtower in flames, sometimes with a tiny human falling from a window. It is the complete overthrow by natural forces of everything that is constructed.

Deconstruction of what no longer serves sounds so nice and clinical. 16/7 energy usually manifests itself as accidents, natural disasters particularly those involving the stuff of Mars: electricity and fire, and sudden shocking events like getting served divorce papers when you’re putting the finishing touches on the anniversary dinner, mass lay-offs on Christmas Eve, conversations that escalate from “Hi, how’s it going?” to plates whizzing through the air, faster than the shuttle can break the earth’s atmosphere. 

In the aftermath of 16/7, we have The Day After. Surrounded by dust clouds we sort through whatever debris is left, scavenging what we can. The intent of this pattern is to leave nothing left over. You simply pick up and move forward, probably still dazed and confused. 

I bet you’re so ready for the day now, aren’t you? 

That’s just an explanation of 16/7. It is modified by 12/3 – the month energy. It’s also a short, sharp numerical transit – it’s only one day – and then we move on to nicer shores. 

For the sake of brevity this is North America-centric. If you’re on the east coast then you’ve just had a nice lunch. I hope it was outside in the beautiful sun. If you’re on the west coast and you have the day off, you’re doing late morning things. Maybe you’re at work today, regardless of where you live. I hope it’s beautiful and sunny where you are, and that you get to go outside and feel the sun on your face.

The energy patterns today support going after goals with all the confidence of a four year old in a Batman suit, but at the same time you find yourself holding back and wondering if this is the “right” moment. Just plow forward and give ‘er. On a personal level, this energy creates a feeling of confidence, but again, the 12 in 12/3 makes you want to keep your mouth shut, just in case you’re not “right” or “this is a silly thing to do”. Take advantage of it and do things that put you closer to your goals. As much as it can be destructive, the energy of 16/7 can also be very fortunate. Good things are just as likely to come flying out of left field as bad things under a Tower influence – but we are socialized to expect the worst. 

But remember that 12 reduces to 3. Everything you do this month is given a kick in the arse by the number 3. Things grow and expand quietly under 12, with its secretive moon-influenced expand and contract vibe, but then 3’s influence forces everything suddenly out into the light. Choose your magical breaths carefully today. Spelling is arranging letters to make a word but it’s also casting a spell. Every time you open your mouth you call things into existence. Todays energy supports calling in those people, places, and events that will liberate us from what holds us back. 

Don’t you love that sanitized New Age speak? Usually the stuff that holds us back is the stuff that gives us a feeling of security, like our job, bank account, intimate relationships, and so on. The events that liberate us force growth and they are scary because we like structure. Even if you think you don’t like order and consistency, trust me, you’re far less wacky than you think. You do enjoy the odd bit of security. 

Today is also a day whose energy supports being super sensitive to everything around you. If you’re soaking up all the spicy vibes a little too much, you may need to step out back for a bit. If getting the fever for the flavor of the super spicy Pringles is getting to you, find the nearest patch of grass. If it’s safe to do so (you don’t want to step in poo, broken glass, skeevy old condoms, or used needles) take off your shoes and socks, and put your bare feet on the grass for as long as you can. This is called grounding. There are lots of meditative and woowoo ways to do it, but this way cuts to the good part without the New Age preamble: connection to the earth. You don’t have to visualize anything or “feel the energy”, that’s fine. Just know that your energy is being sucked into the earth and with it, a lot of the jangled stress you may have had. No crystals, no incense, no devotions: just put your fucking feet on the ground. 

People tend to be more argumentative and expressive when 12/3&16/7 play together. Resentment and jealousy is also supported by this energy today. You may want to curtail your social media activity today because ooooh the drama. On the political stage this energy is part of a tense buildup that will manifest when? On the 9th, when the universal energy is 21/3. Things manifest that day and not coincidentally that is the day when the Jan 6 Select Committee Hearings begin. It could only be better if it was on a 22 universal day, but have no fear, I’ll blog about the numerology of that as well, if you are interested. 

But hey, like I said up there, charging the hell after the things you want is as much supported as mouthy bullshit, jerk drivers, social media arguing, and shitty things escalating. A lot of what we experience is perception. My wife and I have been in the same place at the same time, experiencing the same person, and we both walked away having experienced two completely different interactions. You can’t control what people say or do around you, but you can control your reaction.

So that’s it for today. I’m going to sign off here and go outside for some  fresh air. Enjoy the holodeck wherever you are. 

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