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Update: the podcast will be late. There’s been some family activity to attend to and it’s been rather busy here at the ranch. The numeroscopes have not been done  but they will appear over the next few days. I can’t do any of the monthly forecasting too too soon because making predictions like this requires watching events pan out to see how things will go. There isn’t a body of work regarding mundane numerology in the West, so I’m figuring this out as I go. Numerology is used for personality delineation 99% of the time. Anyway, that’s my apology, now on to the numerology of May!

Update on the update: numeroscopes are still not done so at this point (May 5th) it feels pointless to do them. Sorry, folks. I sit down to write and nothing comes. So I art instead because that is what’s flowing right now. Not anything to do with May numeroscopes.

My mother is coming to visit next week, for a few weeks, and the bare minimum for me is Patreon, so those posts will be happening. This blog and the fledgling podcast are going to continue to take a back seat.

Here is May’s post:

Before I get started,  I just want to say thank you.

I am so grateful to be able to live in a part of the world where I can freely create this content. This is why I put so much energy into writing for patreon, my podcast, my tiktoks/reels and here. For each person who shares my work, sends it to a friend, follows me online, or books a reading with me—the more I’m sble to share numerology all over the world. I am grateful for you!

The month of May vibrates to a universal 12/3 within a universal 7 year. So Jupiter is swimming in Ketu’s pool. People are more transactional minded and feeling pretty confident about spending money. It’s possible that on an individual level we’ll all start to feel a little more confident. That can definitely translate into how we carry ourselves, the energy we put out, and most definitely the energy we call in.

The numerology also supports being more conscious of what’s hot and what’s not and how we use that to our advantage. There’s a chance for some public recognition or the feeling of having finally “arrived”. Whatever it is that sits in front of us, we’ll have the energy and desire to get it done. This is great news for those of us with mountains of half-done projects creeping up in the background. You might not get it all taken care of, but opportunities to wrap up some of the chaos and disorganization will be a great boon to those of us who’ve been running on our nerves and RedBull the last few months.

The undercurrent to all of this month energy is 12. This energy unfolds at a much slower pace than the 3. Within a 7 year this can cause an underlying tension that manifests in anxiety for some of us. This vibration can support hanging back and waiting for the perfect moment. With the rest of the month energy concerned with gettin’ er done and standing out, this can show up as stage fright or imposter syndrome.

Let me just say, as someone with a chart full of earth and Saturn energy, who has wasted many a day hanging back and remaining unseen because it wasn’t “the perfect time” – fuck that shit. Fuck it in its fucking face. Just do it. While it’s good to get your ducks in order, sometimes you can’t wait on the duck that can’t get it together. You have to suck up your anxiety and just do the damned thing.

On the larger world stage, the 12 root energy of the universal month also promises interesting times for large institutions: government, fisheries, charitable institutions, spy agencies like CSIS, and perhaps even royalty. Big learning curves are going to happen as the energy of 12 forces the powers that be to begin taking new directions. They can see their reflection below them as The Hanged Man gazes upon his and the numerology supports everyone else seeing it, too. Typically wherever 12 shows up, especially in aspect to 7, secrets are revealed that force a move away from the known and comfortable.

Personal Years: Is this your birth month? 

Congratulations and happy birthday! This month you’ll start your brand new personal year. To figure out what that is, add your month and day of birth to the year and then continue adding the digits together until you get a number from 1-9 or a multiple of 11. The resulting number gives you a heads up in regards to the themes of the next 12 months.

Action Points and Peak Points 

The last time we experienced this universal energy was nine years ago in 2014. What were you doing in May 2014? If you had a Facebook account then, Marky Mark Zuckerberg will show you in your memories what was going down. Do you see repeating themes? If nothing else, enjoy the trip down memory lane.

Your first Action Point

If your birthday was in February then this month you’ll experience your personal year first quarter action point. This is similar to a moon phase. The exact date will be the same as your birth day so if you were born February 10th then May 10th is your first action point. Like a moon phase the energy can be felt for three days prior and three days after.

What happens? Energy becomes tense and you may feel caged or like you have to do something. Specific issues may be raised at that time. Weird coincidences can happen.

Your peak point 

If your birthday was in November than this month at the date corresponding ro your birth day you experience the energy of the peak point. Like full moon energy, things that reflect the theme of your person year can begin to show up. The energy can be felt for three days prior and three days after.

Your second action point 

if your birthday was in August then this month on the day that corresponds to your birth day, you will experience the second action point. This marks the third quarter of your personal year and often the energy at this time is about releasing things. Like the other points it can be felt three days prior and three days after.

Many people who start to pay attention to the calendar start to notice that certain things tend to happen around these times of year. Mark your calendar and see what comes up!

Days to note this month 

Friday May 5th, Full Moon: 17/8 universal energy. The numerology today supports assuming power. This can look like stepping up, being promoted, or taking power away from someone. If power is shared, then obstacles both real and imagined will begin to dissolve. This is also a good time to take the bull by the horns and make those phone calls or drop by certain places. Got a government department or big corporate office you’ve been putting off dealing with because you don’t want to go through the waiting, the paperwork, or other bureaucracy? Today things move a little faster. You stand a good chance of not having having to grow old waiting.

*This is also the day of the eclipse. It starts about 11:14am EST but it won’t be visible here in North America. While numerology deals in numbers and not eclipses, energy can get stirred up that day. For more information please go listen to the Woke Astrology Podcast on Spotify or watch Laurie Rivers’ TikTok’s at @astro_laurie.

Saturday May 6th, Royal Coronation: 18/9 universal energy. They must have gotten the memo about eclipses and coronation days coinciding. Emotions are intense today and not everything is as it seems. Remember that 18/9 (The Moon) obscures and creates illusion. Everything is curated under this vibration. The energy favors completion so hold off on passing judgement on anything and just go get er done.

Sunday May 14th, Mother’s Day (North America): 26/8 universal energy. Today is a day when the conversation flows, everyone is in a good mood and things move quickly. On the flip side, this is also a day that barriers and old hurts can cycle back for review. Some of us may not want to take mom out for brunch.

Friday May 19th, New Moon: 31/4 universal energy. The numerology supports big changes and reinvention. So if the urge to splurge on a makeover catches you by surprise, go ahead and have fun. Just promise us you won’t get bangs. Your personal stock can rise today but the numbers also supports your ego writing cheques that the rest of you can’t cash. Keep everything fun and try not to bite.

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