Judgement People

This card refers to people who have graduated and moved on to other things in life. They may have been promoted, retired, or even laid off. They may be the divorced person who starts dating again. They could be hitting puberty, experiencing menopause, getting a driver’s license, or a degree. They could be someone who has recently completed a medical transition. 

If this is someone you’ve known a while, you may be seeing them off on the next part of their journey. If this is someone new to you, you may be part of their transition or a character in their next chapter. These people see clearly. They’re embracing changes in their lives and looking forward to the future. They might be winging it, but chances are good that they have a plan. 

At the crappy end of the spectrum, they have experienced forced retirement, early buyouts, or an unexpected lay off. They may be grappling with disability. This Justice person is experiencing new things they didn’t want. They’re trying to rationalize a shit sandwich. Instead of embracing physical changes they become dysphoric or dysmorphic. They’re reluctant to start over or see themselves in a new light. They are closed to this new phase of life.

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