July 7th esoteric weather report for the Threadiverse

2023 reduces to 7

 July is the 7th month

The 7th is…well…7

It’s a 777 day! Well….yes but no. There are a lot of 7s today and we love 7 here at the ranch.  7 corresponds to Ketu. While our little thready threads are ALWAYS tangled together some of those connections may feel more apparent on this day. Embrace the familiar and the loved, whether it’s your circle of friends, a special talent you have, or that favourite pair of shoes that’s all broken in.

All those 7s add up to 21/Saturn/The World and reduce to 3/Jupiter/The Empress. The energy is highlighting the 2023 year chart’s Saturn in Sickly and Jupiter in Fame. Today is a day to lean into the unconventional and non-traditional. Even if it’s intimidating – oh hell – especially if it’s intimidating!

This will look different for everyone. For some of us this might be opportunities to play with new technology, for others it might be a change to their daily routine that is initially upsetting. It’s hard for me to say specifically how this looks for individuals because that requires me to read your chart.

This is also a day of seeking rather than just believing.  Whatever those answers are, whether they are spiritual or practical, don’t just take someone else’s word for it. The energy supports digging in and discovering for yourself.

I’m not saying this will be easy – a universal day vibrating to  21/The World within a universal month vibrating to a karmic 14/5 promises that we’ll collectively close one chapter and open another like it or not. Since today’s universal energy is ruled by Saturn this won’t just be handed to us. You’ll have to roll up your sleeves today and push a little harder, but what you earn/win/discover you’ll keep.

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