The Hanged Man People

These are the folks who can wait patiently. Timing and conditions are important to Hanged Man people. These folks are also highly intuitive. 

These people trust the process and are content with their place within the universe. Like the gambler, they know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em. They are keen people watchers, sitting quietly in the background, watching as events unfold. Most of the time, what appears charmed, lucky, or fortuitous is not. These folks have spent a lot of time observing and analyzing the patterns around them, so it would appear that they just “know” the right right moment to act. 

Sometimes, though, they can be so concerned with “just the right time” that their window of opportunity closes. They don’t get the job, the girl, or the windfall. Their patience and seeming slowness infuriates those around them who may see it as laziness or indecision. They can also get caught in the illusion of something better coming along, and thus remain paralyzed in one particular situation.

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