The Numerology of November 4, 2023

I haven’t done a numerology report for each month like I used to do in years past for several months. I stopped in April because life happened and I had other things to do. I still look at what is happening in the world, I just haven’t written about it in ages. I was looking at individual days in November and when I saw what the 4th is going to look like I thought I would sit down and write up a blog post or two. Make some tea and a sandwich and strap in because I am going to play catch-up in one post. 

Just remember:

  1. Universal energy is just that. Universal. It’s not personal energy. For that, I would need your chart. 
  2. You can have a great day even if the universal energy is sucky. You can have a shitty day when the universal energy is great. 
  3. If it upsets you, stop reading, back away from your phone, and go do something else. No one is making you doomscroll.

November is an 11 universal month. It is happening in a 7 universal year. 

So what does that mean? 

The broader themes this year are those of 7/Ketu. To understand these themes it is necessary to know what sign Ketu is in during 2023. For most of this year Ketu was in Libra. The background noise of the universal 7 year dealt with: 

  • Catastrophes
  • Epidemics
  • War and violence
  • Sudden events 
  • Secret Plots
  • Accidents on display
Closer to home and perhaps more relatable to the bulk of us, the 7/Ketu year also dealt with:
  • Sudden success or failure
  • Short tempers
  • Dependence on family or friends
  • Developing people skills
  • A clawing pathological desire for work/life balance
If you’re wondering what the truly dark side of 7/Ketu looks like, Christopher Columbus had a 79/7 public name destiny with a hidden 16 (The Tower) and Elon Musk’s life path is 34/7. This life path energy is a less destructive variation of 7 because it lacks that 16 in its reduction but it’s still a galvanizing energy that causes discord. 
If you have 7s in your chart this doesn’t make you like these other two. They’re just really good examples of the negative side of 7. Life is about choices and energy is on a spectrum. When we have access to a specific vibration we can draw from any portion of it. 
Today, October 30, sidereal Ketu enters Virgo. For the rest of the year, the universal year energy will support:
  • Presenting details of secret dealings to the public. Virgo is not a comfortable place for Ketu because Virgo likes detail, transparency, and order. Ketu deals in secrets and it will be more difficult for secrets to be kept from now until the end of this year. Next year will be a universal 8 year and the collective focus will shift accordingly to the activity of 8/Saturn as the dominant background force. Ketu will still be there squirming and fidgeting in Virgo, there just won’t be a spotlight on the dragon’s tail.
  • The desire to organize and rearrange systems will be supported.
  • Pointing out flaws in everything.
  • Disruptions in established structures relating to health care.
  • Extra demand will be placed on human service professionals, but opportunities for the human service field to shine and be recognized will also be supported.
  • Be prepared for unexpected career changes that will feel disturbing or unsettling in the moment. They will likely prove to be for the best. 
  • The energy will support decreased emotional attachment to the outcome of things and more ease in making challenging decisions. 
So that is the universal year energy. In November the energy of 11/Pluto will become a more dominant force for us. The month energy is more pronounced than the year energy. Think of the year energy like the operating system on your phone, running in the background. The universal month energy is like an app that runs on that OS. So just like with 7/Ketu, it is important to know what sign 11/Pluto is in because not all 11s are the same. Currently, 11/Pluto is hanging out in Capricorn so the dominant themes of this universal 11
month are:
  • Deep secrets 
  • Mass media 
  • Mob mentality
  • Censorship
  • Gang activity
  • Terrorism
  • Atomic/Nuclear energy 
  • Power exchanges
  • The fine print and loopholes 
  • Major changes in global policy and institutions
  • Changes in how we structure our lives, including governments, banking, the workplace, right on down to household budgets and shift changes. 
  • Lessons about who holds true power and who has ceremonial powers
  • The connection between power and responsibility
  • Reminders that our choices have consequences and that every action naturally causes a reaction
  • Physical destruction
  • Volcanic upheaval
These themes will be more pronounced because the month’s energy pattern starts, builds, and dissipates in a 30 day period, much like lunar energy. Universal months are felt more intensely than the universal year. An 11/Pluto month within a 7/Ketu year will support themes that align with:
  • Sudden chaos, power trips, and political instability. 
  • Extreme and over-the-top reactions to situations.
  • Clinging to people, ideas, or objects that stir emotions – rage farming and trolling, manufactured outrage.
  • Significant collective karmic reckoning. 
  • Feeling the need to address past history as we observe current events.
And now we actually arrive to the day that this blog post is about!!
The universal day energy of the 4th of November is 22/Uranus. This will be a short, sharp influence because it exists only for 24 hours. The influence of the 22/Uranus universal day supports:
  • Explosions of attention-seeking. Oh, the bitching. Oh, the Karening. Oh, the soliloquies that will be delivered to the manager. 
  • The positive side to the above-mentioned complaints is that some of us will experience major breakthroughs. Just remember that the truth will set you free, but not before first pissing you off. 
  • Protests and sudden, radical changes to society. 
  • Acts of violence, war, or terrorism that are treated like a sacrifice to a deity. 
  • A deep catharsis/reaction that forces us to confront some seriously dark subject matter so that we can collectively transform our world. This Friday is a universal 21/3 and Saturday is a 22 so it could be an event that starts on Friday. The energy of 21 aligns with closing out one chapter and opening a whole new book. 3 corresponds to Jupiter, expansion, and issues concerning religion and morality, but 21 has ties to Saturn via the Tarot and Saturn goes direct on Saturday….so even though the universal numbers are not 8s and not about Saturn specifically, Saturn is there lurking in the shadows giving the pot a good old stir. Because 22 reduces to 4, 22 has a strong connection to 8 so whenever you look at 4s or any of the variations of 4, stop to check on what 8/Saturn is doing because it will be important. 
  • This could be a lot of things. It could be a natural event, a man-made environmental event, or something more symbolic. I catch myself wondering if this might be the moment when Al-aqsa becomes a specific target and I hope I’m wrong because that will make the horrible situation in Palestine so much worse. 
For most of us in the world, this day will pass like any other. We will go to work, do laundry, get groceries, and complain to each other about the cost of this or that. Universal day, month, and year energy tends to run in the background. Like mundane astrology, mundane numerology affects countries or large societies. It is not personal unless you’re a politician, involved in running/owning a large-scale business, or one of the cronies who support those folks. 
The thing about the energy of a 22 universal day within an 11 universal month within a 7 universal year is that the events and upheaval that happen today may well start and end on the 4th, and then dissipate from the collective short-term memory quickly – BUT – they haven’t gone away and their full integration will happen over the very long term. Like dandelions, which were always in the soil growing and doing their thing, we will not notice the end result until BOOM there they are staring us in the face, a fully formed and integral part of the landscape. Some of us will continue to try to get rid of the dandelions, others among us will learn to work with them and even benefit from their presence. 
So you know, make popcorn, crack open a cold one, sit back, take notes, and try to overcome the 7/Ketu fog that makes you forget everything that just happened. 

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