The Death People

Like the Tens, these are people who transform things. Usually, though, it is THEY who are going through the transformation. When they are the agents of transformation their presence is more enduring than transient. While this card speaks of non-literal death, the person symbolized by this card may actually be dying or dead. They can also be pregnant, changing careers, getting married, going through a divorce, adopting a child, transitioning their gender, converted to a new religion, in recovery – anything that is change, transformation, and ending one cycle before beginning a new one. 

On a bad day, their energy takes on a Scorpio-like feel. When living in denial of their transformation or acknowledging but not accepting it, Death people can be argumentative and destructive. When turned inward, this is the energy of self harm and a life lived in trauma. There could be secret addictions or obsessions, or the person in question could be in danger of falling back into dangerous patterns.

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