All about you with Tarot cards: Part Five

I promise this is the last part!!!

(Spoiler alert: I lied. This isn’t the last part. It’s the second-last part)

Spell your name with the Major Arcana. Try it two ways: letter by letter and how it sounds. Which one resonates more with you? What is emphasized in each one? Even if the values are the same when added up, it is entirely possible that the cards may be different.

Remember that sound has vibration. Thoughts become things, especially when we speak them into existence. Every time you open your mouth and speak you call things in based on the energy you put out. When you analyze your name this way, using Tarot, what are you putting out there? Do you know someone who says your name differently than you do? Maybe they pronounce it differently or they use a variation of your name, like a parent who insists on calling you Jilly when your name is Jill or a coworker who insists on pronouncing your name De-BOR-ah when you and everyone else say Deb-bra.

Looking at variations of your name as spoken by others can give you clues as to how they see you AND what sort of things they’re calling in for you when they say your name.

And that’s it for now!!!

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