Life is all about cycles

Now and then I get a client who thinks it is somehow contrived or fake that numerology or astrology runs in cycles. They seem to be disappointed that – for example – their personal day energy will run in an ordered 1-2-3 cycle instead of something random. Or that astrology has regular cycles as well. Things are only chaotic when we don’t understand them but when we stop to look, we can always find the order underpinning the chaos. There are times when it is more obvious and times when you need to search a little harder.

If you’ve got a Facebook account, which most of us do, then you know that every day it shows you “memories”; a collection of posts made on that date in years past. If you are reading the blog, you probably have Facebook because this is where I share my posts. The next time you are feeling out of sorts and don’t know what to expect, try this little experiment:

Open your Facebook memories and look back to nine years ago. Don’t worry about any numerological calculations, just look at what was going on in your life nine years ago. Numerology runs in nine-year cycles. Now there may not be any heavy-duty information in your Facebook memories if you are not the sort of person who posts everything going on in their life online. Still, there is enough to jog your memory about past events.

Life runs in nine-year cycles. The cast of characters may have changed and the specific issues you are dealing with may be different but if you look back to your memories in all likelihood the themes are the same. Every year we have what is called “personal year energy”. This is a calculation based on your birthday and the year in question. This number can be reduced to a single digit from 1-9. These numbers repeat in nine-year cycles.

There is another, larger cycle at play that runs even more deeply in the background than the above-mentioned cycle and that is three cycles of twenty-seven years each (ever heard of the 27 Club?) but they are a discussion for another day.

So if you want to make predictions about what will happen this year in 2024, look at what was happening in 2015. There is a fairly good chance that the background themes present in your life then are occurring now. If you can remember what you were up to in 2006, nine years back from then, those themes were probably playing out in some fashion then, too. Remember, the people around you may change and other aspects of your material environment may change – but the lessons keep on keeping on.

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