The Chariot People

These are the people who crack the whip. They both facilitate and direct the changes around them. This is the person you want to have heading any project about change. They are the extroverted introverts. They are less impulsive than earlier odd numbered cards. 

Chariot people manage themselves and others well. The Chariot’s astrological ruler is Cancer, the crab who lives in his shell. This imagery is repeated on most Chariot cards – the charioteer travels and lives in his chariot/battle wagon. Chariot people can adapt and be right at home in any environment or during times of upheaval. They are less prone to outbursts than the other odd numbers, and keep their wits about them. 

They like to tinker and see how things work. This means they’ll often see what others have missed. They are open minded to new things when they can be shown the science/facts/reasoning behind it. 

On a low day, they will stubbornly not let go of a thing that’s run its course. They will try to micromanage chaotic elements instead of letting things go. They would do well to do a Marie Kondo of their tangible and non tangible lives.

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