The Strength People

Here are the survivors and thrivers of Ten’s chaos. You can not keep these people down. After the shit has hit the fan, these are the people who pick up the pieces and rebuild. They’re an intensification of Two’s energy. 

They’ve mastered the art of following their instincts, which is why they’re survivors. Often, their lives have been full of physical and emotional upheaval. They’re resourceful and they’ve cultivated boundaries. Unlike the High Priestess people, Strength people are well grounded and independent; they’ll get by without you, thank you very much. 

Strength people are also tuned into manifestation. They may not be wealthy but they always seem to land on their feet, particularly where jobs, money, and housing are concerned. They always have enough. They’re very creative problem solvers. 

On a crappy day, it’s them vs the world. They can have difficulty separating the mosquitoes from the sabre tooth tigers because they can’t always come down from fight or flight mode. They may perceive attacks and act accordingly out of a sense of self preservation. Being switched on like this can cause burn out. 

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