Tarot and Suicidal Clients

If that title isn’t a trigger warning then I don’t know what is. 

I like to do a little ramble in my blog posts because “Your frank friend having coffee” is my blogging voice. I’m skipping the pleasantries today. I’ve noticed a trend this year. 

As 2020 progresses and we become hip deep in the post-lockdown economic shitshow that’s taking over many countries, I’m getting more and more reading requests from people who have one question: “Will my family/the world be better off if I kill myself?” 

I want to say it’s been one or two but it’s been a lot more than that. I’ve also had potential clients reach out to me, that are not contemplating suicide that I’m aware of, but they are staring at their last dime. They’re living in their cars, they’re couch surfing, they’re about to become homeless. They’re on their last nerve and feeling desperate. 

First off, let me say quite clearly that I do not read for this question. No numerology, no Tarot, no nothing. This is not Tarot time. This is emergency room time. This is suicide hotline time. This is not a time to explore numbers and cards. There is no Reiki for this, no foofoo crystals, no magical Atlantean cleansing, no essential oils – and anyone who suggests otherwise is playing a dangerous game with the very raw human in front of them. 

I wish I had brilliant wisdom to pass on that would make someone change their mind. I don’t. The only thing I can safely say is that when we’re up to our neck in mental quicksand, the illusion that everyone would be better off without us can be quite enticing and seem very real. I assure you, it is an illusion. Your family would miss you terribly. They would struggle, your children would suffer. Don’t think for one minute that you taking your own life would somehow improve theirs, because it won’t. It never does, that I’ve seen. 

If you are thinking about ending your life, please talk to a counsellor. Talk to a doctor. Go straight to the emergency room. They will take you seriously. 


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