Reaching Into The Cauldron: The House Of Leader; where you shine

So I gravitate to this house next. It’s actually the 7th and last house in the chart. The House of Leader shows our motivations. Here is what makes us get up out of bed every morning. By reading between the lines we can also deduce what would not make someone get up. If you’ve ever heard someone say “I wouldn’t get out of bed for that” then chances are good they aren’t motivated by whatever “that” was. 

We show effort here. Often the talents we display in this house come so naturally to us that we don’t see them. Others do and when it’s pointed out, we may stop and take a pause, “I never thought of myself as being really good at ____” or “I didn’t realize everybody couldn’t do ____”

We don’t see it as effort. The energy we expend in this house doesn’t feel like work because these are the skills/talents that we enjoy. When you’re happy to do something you don’t notice the time pass or think of the investment. 

The energy in this house directs everything else. The House of Wealth functions like a heart, beating energy throughout the houses. The House of Leader functions like the command center ir the head. Working with the House of Wealth and the House of Impermanence, 

I can address that house in another post. 


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