Today’s Numerological Weather: I’ll do it but I won’t like it

It’s a 44 universal day today. As a multiple of 11, this is master energy and so things may feel a little more tightly wound than usual or people may be more demanding of your time. We’ll live.
44 relates to the 4 of Cups and today it is expressed through Jack/Page of Swords

The universal energy supports the ability to make decisions more prudently. Collectively when we hit a master number day the energy supports the start of a new cycle. This isn’t a major cycle because we can have a few 44 days every year. The 4 pattern corresponds to Rahu, and 44 is an intensification of this energy. it’s powerful and presents an opportunity for success. At times it can be a confusing energy because of its karmic nature and we as a collective may be unsure about how to proceed forward. It is very tempting to decide how things will go, throw down your toys, and hide in your blanket fort.  

Expressed through the Page of Swords, there are risks being taken in communication. Systematic approaches to larger issues are helpful but hard to do when master energy is present. The energy supports efficient use of abundant resources, but like the figure in most of 4 of Cups imagery, we may be very blasé or unaware of just how much power we have in a situation. 

What does this all mean anyway?

First, it’s important to remember that universal energy isn’t personal. It’s affecting everyone and your own personal numerological patterns may manifest differently. However, everyone carries the universal vibration within their personal algorithm. The impact of universal energy is, well, universal.

It shows up in global affairs and the only people who have to be concerned (if they even are) with universal energy are world leaders. So if you are a global leader or the CEO/COO/President of a large corporation/some other type of Grand Poobah and you happen to stumble across this blog post: don’t piddle in negotiations or actions needed to resolve issues that are glaring at you. You may end up in a Pandora’s Box situation where all you have left is hope. Take a chance and step away from the expected script. 

If you’re watching the news look for new ideas and strategies in things like union negotiations. News related to technology, especially as it relates to communication or the military, may be prominent today. Chances are good, though, that since this is a Sunday we won’t hear about it until Monday or Tuesday.

How does this play out for individuals then?

Remember that you carry this energy with you even if it is running in the background like Windows. If you choose to use it, it is an excellent vibration for wrapping up karmic loose ends. It’s also a good time to speak out on something although the downside to this energy is feeling petulant and petty, and like no one will listen anyway. That’s where you have to take a lesson from the Page.

Pages represent young energy that doesn’t like to make mistakes. They’re impulsive but they want to do a good job because they’ve been handed some independence and responsibility. Because they want to do a good job, they’ll work really hard on their presentation and then they’ll just do it. It hasn’t yet occurred to them that no one wants to hear what they have to say because they’re still immature and somewhat self-centred.

People who model Page energy generally succeed because they have an unassuming air. If they do happen to worry that no one will be interested or people won’t like them, then they find a way to work through it.

And remember, the last time we had a 7 year, 14/5 karmic month, and 44 day like today was July 30, 2014. Numerology works on a 9 year cycle. So what were the themes in your life 9 years ago? Check your Facebook memories, Zuck will be happy to tell you what was going on back then.

And remember, as you move forward in life, let shit unfold and be excellent to each other!!!

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