August has been a weird, weird month!!

My personal month number for August is a 28/1. This is a number pattern that relates to sudden shifts, plots twists, and changes of mind and heart. 

The metaphysicians are not immune to transit energy

Astrologers and numerologists are usually the ones reporting on this stuff, and very few will ever comment on how it has affected them. So let’s have a look at how 28/1 manifested in my life.

Firstly, the universal energy is 15/6. There is an emphasis on contracts, money, and fine print in this vibration. Even though this is not my personal energy, it is the algorithm of the universal energy and so it affects me to some degree. To that end, I made sure in June that I had enough stock for my home salon to last through the summer. Why? Because 28/1 and 15/6 created an uncomfortable and tense aspect when my personal month energy kicked in on the 10th. I didn’t want to run into supply issues or get unusually busy and get caught without product. The other thing I made sure I didn’t do was sign anything or enter into permanent agreements with any entity. Why? Because under the influence of 28/1, certain life paths can get so enthusiastic that they sell the farm without realizing it. My life path happens to be one of those. 

We are only halfway through this month

Since the 10th I have moved a copy of this blog back to my old WordPress site, opened and closed accounts with WooCommerce and Mailchimp, entertained shutting everything down and having absolutely no presence online except an email address, thrown out a whole bunch of yarn, given away art supplies – WHO AM I – and so on and so on. 

The 28/1 vibration is very strongly associated with an overabundance of energy. If it isn’t properly channeled it can lead to fighting, and a distinct lack of discipline in all things. Things go all over the place when this energy shows up and by the time it wanes, everything looks different. 

How do you use this energy to it’s best advantage? Well firstly, give yourself some strict boundaries. My thought process this month went something like “I don’t want to be associated just with numerology anymore so I’ll take back my old online persona” and that morphed into “Let’s change EVERYTHING!!!!” That turned into “I hate Shopify, things aren’t happening the way I want them to, I love WordPress, let’s MOVE THIS WHOLE SITE RIGHT! NOW!” To the old blog we go!! This then became “I can do all of this on WordPress, I just need to install and calibrate ALL THESE PLUGINS!!!” That turned into days spent dealing with security software and getting Mailchimp and moving one post at a time and on and on and on…..

The deal I have with myself when my transits support impulsive and constant mind-changing behaviour is that I will indulge it to a point but I won’t make anything permanent. So I did not invest in paid plugins or paid email plans or anything like that. I did make a whole bunch of silly work for myself. Then I woke up this morning, the day after the new moon which is a 45/9 personal day for me, and said “This was a stupid idea” and promptly set about uninstalling everything at WordPress. Then the second cup of coffee hit and I said, “I am reacting to the fact that I am trying to grow my blog and writing more about astrology and feeling weird about it. This is why I went screaming back to WordPress” 45/9 corresponds to the 5 of Cups which is a card associated with big emotions during times of change, and beating oneself up – just a wee bit!

Don’t cut your hair

I also did not give myself bangs, but I was tempted. This is also part of the deal I have with myself. When I’m feeling overly enthusiastic and impulsive – no new hair. 

I’m still feeling weird about the yarn I threw out. I may need a hug from another crocheter. Possibly some chocolate.

It’s not always easy to see how transits will play out. I did not have ANY OF THIS on my August 2023 bingo card, but here we are and it’s only the 17th!!!

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