ChatGPT wrote most of this for me because I was having a no-brain day and it reads so much like Moira Rose that I could not bear to delete it. I don’t write like that, prepare for f-bombs and sarcasm.

Welcome to Maritime Mystic’s Kitchen!

Ahoy, kindred spirits! I’m thrilled you’ve dropped anchor at the Maritime Mystic’s Kitchen – a whimsical sanctuary where the threads of art, mysticism, and creativity intertwine to weave tales of inspiration and self-discovery. I’m Nicole, your cosmic hostess, artistic visionary, and crochet enchantress, navigating the seas of life from the charming corners of Central New York.

From Maritime Wanderer to Mystic Muse

As the tides of life carried me from the scenic shores of Canada to the heart of the USA during unprecedented times, I found solace and adventure in the captivating landscape of Central New York. Nestled among the Adirondacks’ majestic peaks, I discovered a new canvas for my creative pursuits and a renewed passion for sharing the treasures I hold dear.

A Palette of Passions

At the Maritime Mystic’s Kitchen, you’ll find a bountiful spread of content as rich and diverse as the maritime tapestry itself. My blog embraces the harmonious dance of Mahabote astrology, astro-numerology, and the timeless wisdom of Tarot. Whether you’re a seeker of cosmic insights or simply drawn to the mystic arts, consider this your sanctuary.

Crochet Chronicles

As a seasoned crochet virtuoso, my nimble fingers weave tales of yarn into wearable artistry and cozy creations. From classic designs to contemporary twists, my crochet patterns are a testament to the magic that can emerge from a single hook and a skein of vibrant threads. From time to time knitting sneaks in, too!!


I can not wait to have enough work finished so that I can start sharing tutorials: oil pastels, colored pencils, soft pastels, crochet, knitting – it’s coming! I promise!

Fair Winds Ahead

As I set sail on this revived blogging journey, my heart is warmed by the thought of connecting with kindred souls who share a love for mysticism, art, and the simple joys of life. So, whether you’re a cosmic wanderer, an art enthusiast, a crochet connoisseur, or simply seeking a virtual refuge by my side, I extend a heartfelt invitation to join me in this odyssey of creativity and discovery.

Anchors aweigh, dear reader, as we embark on an enchanting voyage through Maritime Mystic’s Kitchen!

Blessings and stitches,