The Moon People

Moon people are insightful. They give feedback, both positive and negative. They are a source of guidance. They are the people that give you a point of consideration that no one else has. They see patterns that others miss. 

Sometimes our Moon people aren’t physically present. For those who delve into the mystical, their Moon people could be ancestors or spirit guides. Sometimes our Moon people are mediums. Often they’re simply the ones that know who we are inside. 

It’s good to remember that the moon creates illusion. On a shitty day these are the folks telling us what we want to hear. They can be the ones pulling the strings in the background, manipulating events for their own ends. Sometimes they’re assholes because they’re bored. 

Less malicious and more irritating are the flaky pastries among us that see signs and omens in everything. They manifest anxiety and are the weekend dabblers in shake n bake mysticism. 

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