Monday rambling and the long weekend blues

I’m indigenous. 99.9% of people don’t know that and I’m ok with this. I’m a white looking human, I get it. It’s not until I’m standing beside some of my brown or mixed looking relatives that people say “Oooh yeah…I can totally see it now.” Most of the time I am not existing indigenously, I’m just existing. Until I do something something stupid like I did this Labour Day Weekend.

I made potato salad. I also made sweet and spicy Italian sausages with peppers, roast pork tenderloins, a big green salad full of nuts and berries, and brownies with old fashioned whipped cream and vanilla bean. I washed my too many servings down with grapefruit beer.

My insides, which still believe that all of me still lives in a wigwam in the Eastern Woodlands, did a big hiccup. While friends and family were enjoying themselves on the back deck, I was on the toilet with a bucket in front of me, suddenly remembering that yes, you dummy, there IS such a thing as too much dairy and no amount of alcohol is your friend. Three beers. THREE. I am a cheap date, I tell you. I’m not certain than them being grapefruit beer had anything to do with this but I’m sure it plays into last night’s colonic hi-jinx.

But, onto other things.

Today was a 21 day wrapped up in a vessel of 76. Of course I forgot to put that on Tiktok. So what does 21 expressed through 76 look like? Well, if you put your Tarot cards in order then it looks like The World crossed by the 7 of pentacles or as I like to think of it – The World expressed through the 7 of Pentacles.

Now 21 reduces to 3 right away but 76 becomes 13 before settling into 4. Most of the majors are actually direct, uncomplicated numerological energy.

21 is ruled by Saturn but 3 is ruled by Jupiter. They have a pretty neutral relationship with each other. Now 21 marks the end of the major arcana with 22 being that transitory beginning/end of things. 21 is the final manifestation and a lot of hard work and learning has gone into whatever it symbolizes in the moment. That it marks the completion of a cycle in Tarot is not a mistake or a coincidence. 3 and Jupiter are the direct path to manifestation, to results.

76 is a number vibration that denotes patience and a certain amount of struggle and attachment. You want this thing to happen. It’s got to, you’ve put all your eggs in that basket. It’s a funny number, though – you’re trusting a process that you are 100% blind to. The path to finality isn’t there yet, you’re still in the growth phase of your question. Getting answers is going to feel like reaching into the fog not knowing what you’ll pull towards you.

On its way to 4, it first stops at 13. Anywhere that this number shows up, the fuckening is sure to follow. Things happen when 13 is wrapped up in a vibe. Shit suddenly grinds to a halt. People you thought (or hoped) were never coming back show up on your doorstep. The promotion that you were assured was yours is given to someone else during a staff meeting. It’s not a fun experience, we will do anything to avoid experiencing the 13 energy pattern so when it’s hidden in a larger number we can’t see it coming until WHOOMP – there it is.

Of course it reduces to 4, ruled by Uranus. All the wants, all the desires, none of the grounding, but plenty of SURPRISE! Pythagorean numerologists see 4 as this super dependable and boring energy. Most of the people I know with strong 4 energy are anything but. They’re epic contrarians who argue every point. They want structure and order, they crave boundaries, but they’re often too rebellious and unpredictable to ever develop the discipline of The Emperor.

So how does this play into today’s universal energy? Simply put, the things you thought you had a handle on – you don’t. At least, not for today. There was a greater chance that today we did not get all the things checked off our lists. I’m portent phone calls, papers, etc – they may not have come or they may have arrived too late. Or the thing you want is there but because it’s a holiday Monday that last step is not feasible today. You have to let go of your expectations and attachments and let things happen on their own schedule. That was the energy for today.

But I didn’t post it because I was too busy trying to do all the things like everyone else.

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