Being lectured by my Tarot cards

It’s not often that I read tarot cards anymore except when I am using them to visualize numbers. I have not done this in a while, so let’s have coffee and be lectured by my Tarot cards.

The card that corresponds to my day energy is the 8 of cups and that one is chosen intentionally based upon its order in the deck. My personal day energy is 48 and the eight of cups is the 48th card of the deck. Interestingly enough, it does line up with the meaning of 48. The order of the Tarot is not random. Now the card that covers it, the 10 of swords, is chosen at random through the shuffle.

When the deck is shuffled, and the cards are dealt, whatever card comes out immediately after the card representing my personal day energy is the card that it is expressed through. I don’t look at it as a blocking energy. I see it more as a vessel how the day energy will manifest.  of course I am always free to make changes where I wish because you know, free will. 

So what does the number 48 contain within it for spiritual meaning? Well 48 is composed of Rahu and Saturn. As a card denoting the day energy, it shows putting things down and walking away Saturn and Rahu will work very hard, doggedly even, and against all odds to pull something off but when they’re done, they’re done. It’s time to put something down and venture off into unknown territory. This actually is the meaning of the 8 of Cups. 

The 10 of Swords is the 64th card in the Tarot. It is composed of 6/Venus and 4/Rahu. Within this card there is generosity and compassion, follow through – and also a feeling of upheaval, betrayal, of being let down, or of just being plain DONE. The swords pierce through pressure points along the spine indicating that the subject in the card has been overstimulated and has shut down. 

The good news is that 10 is just a 1 with a purse, so new things are starting. People who draw 10s hesitate because the 10 does have that 0. That bit of baggage that they’re bringing with them into the next adventure in life needs to be put down, which is why this particular change feels so hard

Entirely fitting! I both love it and hate it when my cards lecture me. 

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