The Justice People

Justice people are the folks who step in to make order emerge from chaos. They are highly intelligent, and unlike the other even numbers, they have perfected their poker faces. Their emotional attachments are all reigned in. 

They bring balance and order. Because justice and fairness is not the 50/50 balance of The Lovers personalities, Justice people can make the hard decisions. They do not suffer from any inner hand-wringing. If someone’s feelings are hurt, it is what it is. This is a person that can bring a stick into the woods and emerge, having built a mansion. Everything they do is successful. 

Under a shitty alignment they can be so driven to bring order from chaos that they don’t give two shits how it happens or who gets crushed in the process. They’ve got their eyes on the prize and that’s all that matters. They can get so caught up in being efficient that they overlook things, dismissing them as minor details. Justice people also do not deal well with being told. They can find themselves on solo projects quickly. 

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