Where do I need to draw boundaries?

Carnival/Master of the Head (The World/The Hierophant)

I drew the same card two days in a row. Because I am who I am, when that happens a lot like it’s happening now, I look at the card. Are you bent? No. Are you rough on the edges? No. If I put you in the deck in some random spot, can I feel that card distinctly? No. What if I shuffle again?


What if I get another deck? I shuffled The Crow Tarot, known in this house for its extreme bluntness.

The World.


Ok, fine, spirits, but I’m cutting a card to clarify this.

Carnival/The World is still showing up to remind me that the gates are still wide open. There’s time here. It’s being expressed through Master of The Head/Hierophant. This card speaks of the loa capable of integrating the highest qualities of the mind and the personality into someone that is whole, someone with direction. This is a time of initiation. To be aligned with the Master of one’s Head is to be living in alignment with one’s life purpose. It’s time to put all the teachings to use. This is the spiritual aspect of all this; the part that makes everyone go, “Woooo that is sooooo deep.”

There is a practical aspect to this card, too. Whether he’s the Master of the Head, The Hierophant, or The High Priest – he’s not new that’s why he’s the Master. I’m not new to this either and probably none of you are. When you end a cycle (The World) and begin a new one (The Fool) you aren’t starting over entirely. Go Google up an image of The Fool. His little hobo bag isn’t empty. If it was it wouldn’t be on the stick. This isn’t The Hierophant’s first rodeo and it isn’t mine, either. You can dress bullshit up but it’s still bullshit and we all know it. I need to trust my gut. There is no specific boundary this card relates to, such as boundaries around money or boundaries on time. Just a reminder that I really have been down this road before and if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then experience should tell me it’s a duck and I can deal with it.

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